Women’s Accessories

The Go-To Women’s Accessories That Every Lady Should Have

No matter whether you are a shopaholic, low key chill vibes or someone who takes every opportunity to dress up all ladies can admit to loving their accessories. What we define as essentials can vary between each other but we all have those go to items that are lifesavers at any given point of time. Just like some of us will never leave the house without a basic makeup routine, the other only essential someone else might think they need is their shades. However, no matter on which end of the spectrum you are on there are a few things that we all deem necessary, the crucial go to women’s accessories

A belt

Sounds boring but we assure you it will always come in handy. A belt more than its functional purpose of holding your pants up also doubles up as a fashion accessory. Use it over a dress to give you waist more shape, attach it to a skirt for a high waist look or simply loop it through your jeans for a chic and trendy outfit. Belts can be of any colour, width and brand or not if you do not particularly care for the brands. Either way a belt is a must have for your wardrobe.

A handbag

Handbags are fun, different, colourful and of course versatile. Everyone has their own preferred size and style when it comes to handbags. Some love bling, bright and big bags where as some prefer the low maintenance, trendy and chill basic yet chic bags. However,whichever style is yours a must have style is the leather bag.

Long lasting and definitely sophisticated these bags are perfect for any occasion. So, if you are looking for leather handbags online try searching for Cadelle Leather. They have a variety of different leather bags to choose from and you are sure to find something for you.

Women’s Accessories
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By sneakers we do not necessarily mean sport shoes but a trendy pair of sneakers that can be worn with anything. There are different types of trendy sneakers with different colours, styles and of course brands. A pair of sneakers works during any season typically for those smart casual office days where you are allowed to wear trendy but business attire.

Hoop earrings

This one might be quite subjective but we think this is a must have for those who like dangly earrings. Hoops are an early 2000 trend that has back or never gone quite out of fashion. Dressed up evenings or casual brunch Sunday, you can never go wrong with hoop earrings. Gold ones especially are becoming popular so we think you should get yourself one a pair.


Not everyone is a watch person but if you are it is great accessory to have. Watches are a chic and obviously a functional accessory to have which can add a sophisticated and chic look to your outfit. A branded watch is versatile accessory that will look classy no matter where and how you wear it.