4 Reasons why you should invest in an E-commerce Website for your Business

Gone are the days when you needed lots of money to invest in a brick and mortar location for your venture. These days, people only need their laptops and smartphones to make purchases. As a seller, you benefit even more from having an e-commerce website where you can sell easily without ever meeting buyers face-to-face.


Image Source:pexels

So, here are the reasons why.

Global Reach and Flexible Opening Hours

We have already established that the most advantageous thing about e-commerce is its ability to reach a wider market. You can market and sell your goods to a large audience that goes beyond your geographical reach. You also are able to stay open for 24 hours a day as… Well, it is shopping hour at someplace in the world even when your neck of woods is deep asleep.

Online Marketing

Once you have an online presence in the form of a website, you are able to market to the online world through social media. It is practically impossible to market your good without a site unless you contend with spamming Twitter and IG with links to the seller’s site.

Being as a website includes photos of products you sell as well as a catalogue with their prices, you answer fewer questions to potential customers. Also, websites have been to have a better conversion rate than any other e-commerce marketing tool.

One-off Cost

You will need to find a reputable Web Developer to get you a site that will not only showcase your catalogue to the world but also one that will be mobile-friendly. Remember that more than half the population that buys online uses their phones to access the internet and so this should be one of the most important considerations.

While the initial outlay could slightly steep, it is one-off as the site will only need a little tweaking once in a while.

Personalization for a Fraction of the Cost

Once a person makes their first purchase, it becomes easier to predict their future preferences. You can personalize your products and services and increase customer retention by tracking orders and confirming delivery as well as making recommendations based on the particular customer’s search history. You can only track a consumer’s search history using online tools.

The cost of doing business is also reduced as the shipping cost will be borne by the buyer. As compared to a physical store, you will spend way less in setting up and other overhead.

There are people who are yet to embrace online shopping based on the fact that they prefer face-to-face interaction and they also prefer to fit an item before buying it. The false advertisement has not helped the e-commerce world much as sometimes what you see is not what you get.

While we can’t confidently say that e-commerce will take over completely and change shopping as we know it, it is convenient and over time, those who haven’t bought the idea will. Still, there is a large audience that could use the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their phones.