How to ace your next business trip

Years of travel requires having it down to a science to avoid things going catastrophically wrong. While something things are beyond our control, there is what can be done to have a fruitful business trip that doesn’t work including meetings from morning to evening.


Image Source:pexels

Network and socialize during meals

It might be tempting to skip spending time with colleagues or clients after a long day but aim to enjoy a meal with others. It is in this context that ideas flow and deals get closed. It also allows for making a follow-up on subject matters you were unable to in the official setting. Having a meal with others also means that you get to socialize and unwind particularly if the daytime schedule is intense.

Tour the area

When planned right, business trips always allow for exploration. If you’re not free as to have an extra day or a few days, you can consider making time during breaks or after meetings to tour. You don’t have to take transport to faraway places; there are apps to help with that. You can check out tourist spots close by or even have a local experience should you so wish. The fantastic thing about location apps is that you can find anything from the local sushi bar to notary services open on Sunday.

Stick to a budget

Travelling can be costly if you don’t keep track of all expense. Keep your habits as close to as you do when in the office. If you don’t spend money on meals, fast food or otherwise, consider crabbing healthier options at the grocery store. If you’re used to taking granola bars or celery sticks, pick one up either at the airport before departure or find a local store when you land to avoid unhealthy snacks.

Do something different

Make an effort to, with every trip, to add to your cultural experience. That requires having a personal objective that you wish to fulfil. If you’re keen on trying out local cuisine before leaving, that means stepping away from the hotel for a few hours. Do something unique to the location you find yourself as an authentic way to experience a new place and culture.

Be mindful of culture

When you’ve been on one or more international business meetings, it can become exceedingly clear (and quite fast) that culture differs. Some are more laid back and would find introducing business into a conversation without the pleasantries rude. Equally be mindful of the seating arrangement as in some culture it is a display of power dynamics. To avoid offending other parties, take extra time to become familiar with what’s culturally appropriate.