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Thinking of Getting Your Maid-Of-Honour Something? Here’s How You Nail It

Why shouldn’t you get your maid of honour something special? She was there for you on your big day. Below are some great ideas to consider getting her the best gift. Keep reading.

Is It Personal?

The two of you have been through a lot. The wedding was a special day for you, and you had your best friend in the world being an important part of it. That’s why the gift should be something personal. Maybe you have a picture of the two of you from years back? Why not frame it and hand it to her – a note about how much you appreciate the time you’ve known each other would be the cherry on top.

Is It Pricey?

It doesn’t have to be expensive. However, you know what they say – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. You can reward her for being there on your special day with jewellery. If it’s pricey, she’ll know how much you mean to her.

A necklace or ring would be something that she’ll always be able to wear too. You can keep in mind the above point, and make the piece personal too. Why not get a quote the two of you love engraved into the item? You could pick the piece up in the colour scheme you chose for the wedding– she’ll always remember the special day.

Will She Able to Wear It on Your Big Day?

Instead of gifting her something after your wedding, you can give it to her on your big day. It’d be a special moment that would make the day even better. If you’re going this route, it would be great if it’s something that she can wear at the ceremony – think broach or pendant.

Speaking of gifting her something on the day itself, you could give all of your bridesmaids something too. They could all wear a pendant you got them. How cool would that be?

Why Not A Special Robe?

Getting her something before the wedding is something you can do too. Your bridal party would likely have special robes. Make her feel special by getting her one that’s different from the rest.

Why Not Pamper Her?

Being the maid-of-honour is very stressful. It’s her job to make sure that your needs are tended to. She also helps plan the wedding, so she deserves to be rewarded for her hard work. Why not gift her a spa retreat? She could visit with her partner, truly enjoying the experience.

If you don’t want to go that route, you could give her a spa pack. You can easily purchase a bundle with assortment goods, but you could also create the pack yourself. This will help you get her things she’ll enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Gifting your maid-of-honour something would let her know how much you care about her. It’d show her that you appreciated all that she did on your big day too. There are thankfully many things that you could give her. The easiest would be something personal like a picture framed.