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How non-profits can harness the power of digital marketing

Charities now have a much easier time in collection donations than they did in previous decades. The role of digital media is mostly to thank.  While there is still a need for pitching, networking, and partnerships, non-profit organizations are finding that new media is an equally worthy partner in raising funds. Technology has been advantageous in this regard as it has added to the level of convenience even for those making donations.

In this current sphere, it is essential that non-profits harness the power of digital marketing. Below are the top three routes they can take.

digital marketing
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Content marketing

Data gathered from chief marketing officers in 2018 show that content marketing has been the most effective technique with regards to digital marketing. This research shared by Statista is worth heeding to in the coming year. Even in non-profit organizations, one needs to use the same model. Therefore, ensure that you are churning out content relevant to the audience. SEO is still part of it, but actively sharing content across all channels gets results. Being active is also an indication that you care about your cause, making people take attention.

Having a social media presence

An underlying issue that non-profit organizations seem to face is their lack of active presence on social media. While not the rule perhaps, it is not uncommon to come across a charity organization that only shares posts sporadically. While there could be legitimate reasons for this, the effect will be felt when for example a campaign comes around. Consider wanting to partner with an influential cross border tax planning firm but find that your social media platforms are a ghost town. It is easier for companies to jump on a moving bandwagon. If they feel they are the ones getting things moving, it places the non-profit at a disadvantage.

Having an updated website

As with the previous point, it is equally not uncommon to find charities not having a site. If they do, it is reminiscent of the early days of the internet. In our current time, there is hardly an excuse to have a poorly designed and outdated website. What people forget is that the site is equal to a physical storefront. If it looks run down, it is unlikely that people will want to walk in even though you sell gems at throwaway prices. Therefore, make having a well-designed website priority, along with having a good copy of the content.

Wrap up

If one is to harness the power of digital media, they have to keep current and up with the times. In a time where people are more socially conscious, there is little reason to fail in your noble endeavor.