Digital marketing audit

Digital Marketing Audit- A Secret Behind Business Success

Digital Marketing Audit is an important aspect to assess various components of a website that determines the growth of any kind of business. We will discuss in this article what is digital marketing audit, the correct time for a marketing audit? steps involved in marketing audit and all the things related to marketing audit.

What is Digital Marketing Audit?

Digital Marketing Audit is a detailed review of the performance of business marketing strategies, various systems that are used by the business, goals to be achieved through the business, etc.

When is the correct time to implement Digital Marketing Audit?

Digital Marketing Audit can be implemented anytime during the development process of the website, launching of the new product, starting a new business, buying an existing business from others, or during anytime when you feel that your business strategies are not working up to the level that is expected.

How strong marketing audit is beneficial for your business?

Strong Marketing Audit Provides a structured well-planned path for your business. It monitors all the essential components of your business website, may it be your content strategy or your social media strategy, it can also be related to the SEO of your business website or it can be related to competitor analysis.

Digital marketing audit
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Digital marketing audit is something that is to be conducted periodically such as to analyse several internal and external factors that are directly related to the performance of your business website.

What are the tools used while performing Digital Marketing Audits?

Below is the list of tools required to perform a digital marketing audit

  • Keyword Planner by Google or Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest – For proper selection of Keywords.
  • Google Analytics – For traffic-related information.
  • GTmetrix – For troubleshooting
  • Google Page Insights – To calculate the page speed
  • Tistasoft – For technical digital marketing audit.

Above mentioned tools were free to use, some tools that are widely used but you need a premium subscription. Some of those premium tools are:

  • Ahref and SEMrush – Widely used popular tool

What are the steps involving in a digital marketing audit?

  • Setting up of goals
  • Identifying the metrics that determine the growth of the website
  • Data collections from all the sources involved in digital marketing audit
  • Check website performance, the performance of social media.
  • Compare the performance of all the above with your target.
  • Revisit all the areas that have some shortcomings found during the digital marketing audit
  • Thoroughly go through keywords, contents of the website, various backlinks to and from your website, social media links.
  • Check competitor strategies, the toughness of the keyword, tools used by competitors
  • Customers Oriented – messaging automation, consistency.

Is Consulting Expert Advisable?

If you are starting a new business website, it is always desirable that you consult an expert. Although for a veteran business website, expert advice is necessary because they also might not be able to perform digital marketing audits by themselves. The digital marketing audits is a huge section of SEO that requires close monitoring, periodic visits, reducing the gap between the target that is set and the present performance.