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Employing A Private Investigator Can Help You Locate A Missing Person

Searching for a missing person can be frustrating. You may be looking for a long lost family member, friend or someone who disappeared voluntarily. You may also try to locate kidnapped individuals or even your debtors. However, it may not be easy for you to locate someone whose whereabouts you do not know.


A missing person investigation is an ideal option to locate a person who has literally disappeared. A private investigator Denver can find the person you are searching for using advanced techniques. Yearly, hundred thousands of people across the globe are reported as missing. A great proportion of this population accounts for minors who might be possibly kidnapped.


Besides the documented figures, there are individuals whose whereabouts are not known but were not reported as missing. With the global increase in a crime wave, missing people may be prone to criminal attacks. However, the police are not well equipped to solve all cases of missing persons. Due to limited resources, they do not organize extensive searches for lost people.


Such limitations can lead to situations that could have been prevented. The police can prevent kidnap of missing children by child killers or pedophiles if they can start instant searches after receiving reports. Instead, they allow some time to elapse before searching for the minor. The delay before taking an action can endanger the life of missing kids.


private investigator Denver

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Contrarily, a private investigator will embark on a search immediately a report is received about the whereabouts of an individual. The professional will continue the investigation until the person is found or the truth about the individual is known. Besides, you can also contact a private investigator to locate a runaway.


A private investigator Denver can conduct various levels of inquiry to locate kidnapped victims, runaways, lost relatives, and debtors. Personal information such as date of birth and last known address of the missing person can be vital in solving the case. Searches without available vital data can be more challenging. A private investigator can use the following techniques to locate a missing person:


  • Questioning Witnesses

Private investigators do question people who were the last to see the missing individual. Such interrogation enables them to determine suspects that may be involved in the person’s disappearance. It may also help them to get possible links to the location of the missing person.


  • Background Checks

Analyzing a missing person’s personal information can also be helpful. A private investigator may contact the individual’s relatives, friends, and co-workers. In some cases, individuals reported as missing may be found with a family member or friend. Family and friends may also have an idea of the person’s habits and can suggest likely places to search for the individual.

A check through the victim’s social media activities can provide useful information. Tracking the person’s cell phone can also be useful.


  • Conducting Physical Searches

Private investigators can hire an informant or solicit for the help of their colleagues to find a missing person. They can carry out searches through different means of transportation to access locations you may not think of visiting during your search. Their extensive network enables them to locate even “disappeared” people that do not want to be found.


  • Check Hospitals, And Prisons

Contacting facilities such as hospitals can be useful. Information about the patients can be obtained at the hospital’s front desk. Besides, a missing person can also land in jail if the person gets into trouble.


  • Surveillance

A private investigator Denver can track individuals suspected to be involved in someone’s disappearance. They can also monitor places where the victim is likely to visit.


Private investigators are professionals in finding missing people. They can also locate individuals that don’t want to be found such as debtors and criminals.