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Things To Have on A Baby Checklist

Today, having a baby is not a walk in the park for most couples as they live on a below-average income. They have the fear of not being able to support their baby’s needs. Which is why, they do not consider having a baby. However, if by all means, you can, you are in luck. Then you need to make a baby checklist for your baby.

If you are a new parent, preparing for your baby’s arrival can be a challenge. There are many things you have to do before your due date. However, as soon as you hold your baby in your arms, your pain and anxiety will turn into joy right away. Before your baby arrives, this baby checklist can come in handy.


Changing the baby’s diaper will be done at least 12 times a day. However, take it with a grain of salt as every baby is different. Stock up on diapers at home so there is no need to go out shopping. The most popular type of diapers are cloth and disposable.

If you are environmentally-conscious, go for cloth type diaper. Keep in mind that the latter can fill the landfill which is harmful to the environment. Do not forget to include diaper rash creams and alcohol-free wipes in your cart.

Play Gym

A play gym is splurge-worthy as it supports brain skills. Not only that, it is easy to assemble and keep. Choose one that can be machine washed so you do not have to wash it by hand.

baby checklist
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Memory Book

Remember every special moment in your child’s life with a memory book. You will get to place the photos from your ultrasound and all your baby’s firsts – first giggle, first nursing session, etc.

Bath Essentials

Giving your baby a bath can scare you off, but with the right baby bath gear, it will be a pleasant experience for you. A sponge bath is a must after the umbilical cord falls off. Some of the baby bath items you need to have bathtub/wash basin, baby shampoo, and hooded towels.


There are many reasons why we wear clothing. One of these is for protection. A baby skin’s is delicate that is why you have to buy a few pieces of bibs, beanies, booties, pyjamas, sweaters, and shirts, among other things. When it comes to beanies, check out baby beanies that come in cute colours and prints. 

Feeding Items

Feeding your baby needs to be done round the clock. Therefore, shop for feeding items, like bibs, bottles, and bottle brushes. If you will be breastfeeding your baby, get breast pads and breast pumps.


Give your baby a clean space to eat food or play with his or her toys with a mat. In fact, you can even place it in your grocery cart when you need to bring your baby with you to the supermarket.


Buy a carrier, a car seat or a stroller for your baby. In terms of strollers, there are a few factors to be considered – Add-ons, budget, lifestyle, and so on.

Besides this list, you need a safe baby crib, too.