skin and self care

Essential Skin and Self Care Routines

In the last few years, the need for skin and self care has been topics that are heavily discussed. While many have a long-drawn-out skin care routine for some others a quick wash with a face wash and shower gel is good for them to go. On the other hand, self-care is an essential part of your routine regardless of who you are.

The past years have been tough and some of it takes a toll on and bodies and mind. Combining both skin and self-care can be a great in order to give you a little break and spend some time on yourself. Although it does not really matter how intense your skin care routine is there are essentials that you should consider at least once or twice in your routine.

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing

You many have heard of this process before and there is a reason it is so widely spoken about. Your face is one of the few places that have the most sensitive skin. It is also the first ting people see so it is important that your skin care routine for your face is taken up a notch. If you are someone who does not like using a lot of products on your face, the above routine is still applicable to you.

skin and self care
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Cleansing your face is the simple step of removing any dirt, dead skin cells and build up on your skin. The toner simply balances off the skin tones giving an even look to your face. Since certain places can be darker than others such as under the eyes or around the mouth. Moisturized skin is highly essential to ensure fresh and softness.

Exfoliating and scrubbing

There is a great satisfaction that comes from exfoliating your skin, especially your legs that tend to get the least oils and have the highest dirt build up. The process of scrubbing gently removes any dirt layers but also the dead skin cells that are still on your skin. It is a very relaxing process and can be great for your skin and self-care day.

Getting into a bath

If you have the luxury of having a tub at home you are already one step closer to your self-care day. Soaking in a tub with low lighting can be soothing and an excellent way of de stressing. One of the highly recommend baths are a sea salt bath. The crystals can be added to your bath before you get in. Sea salt is a natural exfoliate or and helps nourish and soften your skin. Its energies your body and can make you feel relaxed and pampered.


The moment you feel tightness around your neck and arms is a good sign that you are in need of a good massage. This can help reduce stress and tension in your body. A massage is highly recommended every few months to ensure your limbs are relaxed and not tensed up. Also, there is nothing more self-care than a good old massage.