Tips for Becoming a First-Time Bike Rider

Want to become a cool bike rider? There are lot of things that first timers need to learn. It’s best to start as early as possible to learn to ride a motorbike. However, it’s important to keep in mind that riding a bike is far more dangerous than driving a car. You should be extremely cautious and heed all the safety rules. So, if you have already made up your mind to become a bike rider, here are the tips that you should follow:


Image source: Pixabay

Get a Good Helmet

First of all, you need to go shopping for motorbike helmets. This is the single most important safety device you will have that can mean the difference between life and death in case a crash occurs. Each head requires a unique type of helmet. So, plan on spending some time shopping to find the helmet that fits your head just right. Do not buy helmets online, because you cannot try them on for measure. Only buy from online retailers that offer refunds within the first 30 days since arrival. Do not buy used helmets either, as the padding on these can be worn out.

Buy Riding Gear

After helmets, you will need riding gear like jackets and denim pants. Riding gear is specifically designed to keep your skin and regular clothes safe from the rotating parts of the bike. You will have fund shopping for things like motorcycle jackets. Try several riding apparel items for measure to see what you will like as a pro.

Find a Good Instructor

Obviously, you will need an excellent and a highly experienced riding instructor. This doesn’t mean your buddy who owns a bike. Find someone with more riding experience than you, and who can teach you about road rules and how to stay safe on the road. You should be able to trust and rely on your instructor as well.

Start Slow

You won’t be able to do motocross right away, obviously. You will have to begin your lessons slow. It’s important to learn how to be safe first than speed tricks. Approach this with a sense of sobriety. Don’t get too excited and get yourself in an accident.

Don’t Try Adventurous Tracks or Start “Experimenting”

Your lessons are not excuses to try speeding on a motorbike. First be patients and learn how to ride the bike. When you have been riding for a while, and have real life road experience, then you will be able to learn cool tricks you see on television. Otherwise, do not try to experiment with your motorbike. You could be endangering yourself and others around you.

Learn about the Parts of the Motorbike and How to Maintain Each Part

During your lessons, it’s important to learn about the anatomy of the motorbike. In addition, learn proper bike maintenance. When you are a pro rider, you will have to do much of the bike maintenance yourself. Learn about the chains and the gears, and how to keep your ride in tip-top shape.

As always, keep safety in mind. Then follow the above tips to become a cool rider.