How to Manage Bacterial UTI and Cystitis at Home

Getting a urinary tract infection is not a pleasant experience. It will sting like hell. Here are some tips that will help until the infection clears:


Image source: Pixabay

Go to a Doctor Immediately

When you first experience a stinging or a burning sensation when you pee, immediately seek medical care. A doctor will take a urine sample for lab testing. Then, if the UTI is caused by bacteria, which it most likely will be, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Do not try to treat UTI at home with various home remedies you find online. You must go to a doctor first.

Stick to the Antibiotics Schedule

When you get your antibiotics prescription, stick to the schedule strictly as instructed by the doctor. Don’t stop too early when it stops hurting. The infection can come back with a vengeance. Don’t take more antibiotics than prescribed when it hurts badly either. That may cause serious side effects.

Use an Anti-Inflammatory Product

The stinging and burning sensation when you pee can be unbearable. To temporarily relieve this condition, you can use a supplement like Ural Products. This supplement makes urine less acidic, so you can pee without feeling as much pain caused by the cystitis (the inflammation of the bladder).

Drink Plenty of Water

Do not avoid drinking water just because it hurts to pee. It’s more important now to drink water than ever. Dehydration can make the inflammation worse. Remember how peeing hurts when you haven’t drunk enough water? Imagine doing that with an inflamed bladder. Keep that in mind and drink plenty of liquids.

Wear a Diaper

UTI can cause temporary urinary incontinence where you may need the urge to pee frequently. Small amounts of urine may pass without your control. This can interfere with both work and home life. You can wear an adult diaper as a temporary fix for this scenario. Modern adult diapers are comfortable and easy to wear. They are also discreet and won’t pop out of regular clothing.

Do Not Touch the Area or Wash with Soap

When the urinary area stings, don’t touch it. It’s the same as not rubbing your eyes when they hurt. If you touch your genital area, bacteria from your hand can enter the urinary tract and make the condition worse. Because you pee frequently, you may be tempted to wash the exterior of the genitalia. Don’t. You can hold a bidet spray or a shower head to the area to gently rise without touching. Do not use soap. When you shower, make sure soap suds don’t get in the area and sting even more.

Wear Very Comfortable Underwear

Don’t wear uncomfortable underwear that may rub against the genital area. This can worsen the stinging. So, wear slightly loose fitting and comfortable undergarments to feel good during the day.

Do not Shave or Wax Until You are Fully Healed

Don’t even think about shaving or waxing off pubic hair until the UTI is completely cleared. Both these activities make your genital area and the opening of the urethra vulnerable to bacterial invasion. So, avoid doing that.

UTIs can hurt awfully, but the condition will clear in 7 days max. Don’t lose hope.