How to Come Up with a House Sitting Charge

Whether you are looking to save some accommodation money while on travel or you are just exploring the world, house sitting has its benefits even when you don’t get paid. This can lead to an extended vacation of your own due to the money that you save.

When doing your first house sitting, you might be a bit confused on how you will go about setting your price. If you get a great home for several months and you were able to accomplish something in that time, you might feel like you are the on who should pay up. However, there are house sitters who can make anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars per day. If you are dealing with a friend or a family member, your pricing can be a bit affected especially if you are close. Once you decide to be house sitting and you have created your profile, you have to indicate your daily charges on your profile. The following are some tips you can use to come up with an appropriate price:


Sitter Responsibilities

There are so many responsibilities that require to be done at home; each family has their way of doing things. When working on your charges, you should first consider all the tasks that you will be doing. A house sitter who does not do any other tasks can’t be paid the same as one who mows the lawn and take out garbage. The more the services that you are to provide, the hire the price should be. If you are from the city, it would be wise to stay clear rural areas with domestic animals you can’t handle. However it is wise to consider your process especially when you are just starting out.


Time Spent

Another factor that can affect the price you charge for your house sitting services is time. If you are being allocated the gig for a part of a day, you will earn less than someone who works for the whole day and night. Some people opt to hire professionals when they are going a way for a really long time. As house sitter, you can adjust your price accordingly when you are working on something new and different. Time is important and the more that you spend sitting the house, the more your charges should be.

Taking Insurance

Accidents happen all the time and it’s quite impossible to avert most of them. Taking out insurance is even as a house sitter is very important. If you are working for someone who is rich and has expensive stuff, you might drop or break one accidentally. If you have taken liability insurance, it will help protect you from lawsuits such as damaging property, slander, personal injury and bodily injury among others. To help yourself manage the insurance money, you should make sure that it is reflected in your charges.


Not all the homeowners that you come across will be willing to pay you a fair price. If you are not sure of what to charge as a house sitter, you should do some research and find out. One of the unwise things that you can do is to not fully take advantage of the house sitting opportunities you get. One other great benefit that you get is that you get to live in a great house rent free.