Different Types of Horse Blankets on the Market

Having the right horse blankets for your animal is important. It can help the horse in many different ways and help you to ensure that they are always healthy and happy. There are many different types of blankets on the market today and knowing which is which can really help you make the right selections. Here are some of the different varieties that you should know about.

Fly Mesh Blankets

This is also called as a fly sheet and is something that can give the horse protection from the overly harsh sun and insects while also allowing for a really good airflow through the material so that the animal does not start to sweat. These are also rather cheap horse rugs that are known for their ability to keep a horse comfortable despite the low cost. They can vary from something that is very lightweight to rather heavy. While they are lighter and allow for more air flow they have the same strength and quality as other types and prevent a lot of rain scour too.

The PolycottonRipstop Summer Sheet

This is generally made out of a cotton blend or polyester blend that also has ripstop incorporated into it. It is also considered a multipurpose blanket, in the sense that it can help keep the airflow and is lightweight while also keeping fur from fading, preventing the animal from getting cold and keeping insects away at the same time. They are however not waterproof but they do dry off really fast once wet. They are generally popular choices of blankets for many equine breeders.

Hybrid Blankets

These use two separate kinds of fabric and out of this, the most popular is polycotton ripstop with a mesh. They have the advantage of being able to give the user the best of both worlds. That is protection from insects and the sun while also letting in the air flow. If there is no chance of rain and the sun is burning brightly in summer you should think about getting your horse one of these.


This is once again a very lightweight blanket and has a very similar weave to that of cheesecloth. This means that it is highly breathable and cooling but if you try to use it for a long period of time, you will be disappointed. They are quite weak and tend to get damaged comparatively soon. However, if you are in the middle of a heat wave this would be the ideal choice for your animal.


These are ideal for the cold months of the year and wool being something that is natural, has enough breathability and also gives really great insulation. Your horse will be bundled up well and protected from the chilly winter air. However wool is much stronger and enduring than the polar fleece and therefore also highly durable. Usually, these blankets are at least seventy percent wool and if they are not you should refrain from buying them.