Bugaboo Pushchairs Designer Fad

The popularity of the bugaboo pushchair is rising fast because of their convenience. They have made it so easy to move around with the baby even to places that most people would not imagine of. They are attractively eye-catching and are equally as classy. When you get to a place with your baby in the Bugaboo many people will not help it but to have their eyes glued on you all the time. As their manufacture, Max Barenbrug would argue, they are the best pushchairs for your ideal lifestyle. He has used awesome features as marketing tips and parents are excited to easily spend their hard earned cash on the strollers.

Celebrity Status

If you are a parent haven’t had some days of celebrity status then consider getting a Bugaboo. Ever since the cameo of Sex and the City which was a hit back in the Nineties the strollers have been used to show off that status symbol. While ordinary people look for the ordinary pram for their kids you should go for the Bugaboo which will make you stand out of the crowd. The trademark for this brand is to ensure style as well as the satisfaction of both the parent and the baby. The covers are bright and funky covers reflect the modernity of the awesome version of baby prams. Just like you would love to have a BMW to show your status symbol the Bugaboo is the BMW of pushchairs.


Style and functionality are two different things. Many times when you get something stylish you end up not having your desired functionality. However, this is not the case with bugaboo because it is not just any other pushchair. It perfectly delivers on both fronts and offers something totally different from what you will get from the normal prams.


This is where the Bugaboo obviously stands out. It has aluminum chassis an very lightweight design. this, however, does not jeopardize its levels of sturdiness and toughness. The reversible handle suggests that there was just so much thought added to the design of the Bugaboo to give it both child and parent-friendly features. Changing your buggy from backward facing to forward facing is a perfect thing for frazzled folks. The one-handed capability is also in tune with the needs of parents. This, therefore, means that the Bugaboo combines both functionality and style with just the right amount of glamour.

The company that makes Bugaboo strollers have since added in some innovations and now you can actually convert them into car seats. The Maxi Cosi car seat serves you well and is a perfect travel system. It is designed for a range of infant carriers and comes with a comfortable snug seat design for keeping your baby comfortable, secure as well as safe. Leading pediatricians have always supported these convertible Bugaboos since they can also be used for air travels alongside car travels. Therefore, it is not only a sizeable solution but also offers flexibility as well.

The Bugaboos are meant to last from birth up to the toddler age. Your child can, therefore, enjoy luxury as you take strolls or as you travel to different places. With the luxury pushchair you don’t really need anything else and so it is not just an investment but a complete travel solution for you.

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