Design Ideas on Country Kitchens

A charming country kitchen design depends more than on just quality decorative accessories. It has a romantic, warm and inviting atmosphere that enthrals homeowners and visitors alike. With the right colour and themed accents, you can bring an authentic country flavour to your kitchen. If country kitchens are what you want, read on to find out how you can get one.



Choosing the Right Colours

Choosing the right colour combination is very important. It makes the first impression on people’s senses when they enter a room. By painting the walls light yellow, you can give a sunny glow to the kitchen. A vintage kitchen design wallpaper or stencil border with accents like blue tiles and framed sunflower prints will further amplify the country look.

You can use green as an accent in the form of lush, leafy potted plants. Plants make your kitchen beautiful by bringing nature indoors, complementing your country style look. Flowers such as daisies and posies can provide freshness to the kitchen.  If you choose red as your main colour theme, green plants will intensify this colour. In addition, as green is the combination of two primary colours, yellow and blue, it goes well with those.

Use Wood for your Furniture

One of the main differences between conventional kitchen designs  and country kitchens is the use of wood. All the cabinets and counters are made with wood to give an authentic atmosphere. Cedar and oak are the two types of wood used to make the furniture. Another specialty about these kitchens is their window styles. These are usually done in bright colours of red, yellow or blue to illuminate the surrounding.

In addition, a country kitchen’s tables are traditionally round with matching wooden chairs. By cushioning these chairs with pillows, you can complement the window dressings. You can also add a more authentic aura by adding hardwood floor panelling and using model car candleholders, old aluminium serving trays, wooden clocks and different mug collections.

Country kitchens can be designed according to your taste and style. So, search and hire professionals who specialise in country kitchen designs .