Indoor Activities for Your Kids

Having kids at home during the holidays means you have to make sure they are kept occupied. The energy levels of kids are so high that if you let them be idle the chances of you having a meltdown would be high too. Making sure you have a plan and schedule for them is best. If the weather is great you can allow for them to play outdoors. If the weather is not so great and they have to remain indoors you will need to make a list of activities that they can occupy themselves with. Here are some activities that you can get them to do and keep them busy. In the mean time you can relax and enjoy your day with your kids taken good care of.

Arts And Crafts

Give them a bunch of items like tissue paper, scissors and glue along with twine so that they can make some creative art pieces. You can encourage them to make lanterns and other ornamental decor pieces that they can put on their rooms and garden. Invite your neighbour’s kids and let them work in teams. This way they are sure to get excited and want to bring their best possible creative ideas forward. It is also a great way to get their creative juices flowing and who know perhaps they will end up developing a genuine interest and start making more even when they don’t have to.

Indoor Hopscotch

Instead of them bouncing off walls and couches, have them play a game of indoor hopscotch. You can draw one using blackboard chalk on your floor. You can alternatively use masking tape to create the play area. This way you will be able to remove it after game time and won’t have to worry about cleaning up. This is such an energy consuming activity that they will only want to wash up, eat and sleep after the game is over.

Card Games

One of the most time consuming activity is playing cards. There are a ton of games to choose from and you can keep everyone so busy and attentive with these games. This is also great for the whole family to get together with. Not only will it keep the kids busy it will challenge their minds. So grab a pack of cards and have fun.


This is another way to let your kids work together. They will spend hours in most complicated puzzles and will definitely be attentive to the game. You can expect silence and quiet throughout this game time. Not only does it help them develop their thinking skills it also is recommended for their mental and problem solving skills development. So when the holidays are drawing near, make sure to pay a visit to the local toy store and grab a few of these complicated puzzle. Also do make sure that they are interesting ones and definitely something that your kid will enjoy putting together. While you are shopping for these, grab along other board games that can keep the children occupied with.