Three Things Every Bedroom Needs

Bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep in. To many, it is a haven of sorts where they can enjoy their own company and do whatever they want from singing along to K pop songs to reading a book, without ever having to be judged by someone else. It is a place for just yourself and isn’t that just wonderful? I would even call it amazing. The freedom to live life according to your terms even if it is in a limited space, it is still amazing. So if you have your own bedroom, you need to make the most of it, you need to design it well. Here are three things every bedroom needs.


Think of your bedroom as a living entity, like other living things, it needs to breathe. It needs ventilation. A room without sufficient ventilation is with all honesty a pit of hopelessness and dread. The air is thick and musty making your room smell like death itself. The musty, damp smell would not just be in the room but all of its contents. Your clothes would smell awful and may even be discoloured, your books would carry the stench. Everything in your room would seem lifeless and in a state of decay.  You included. Therefore you need to ensure there is enough ventilation. A fresh flow of air makes everything seem lively and wholesome. Therefore make sure your bedroom has ample windows and that they remain open for a few hours each day to ensure that your room is able to breathe.

Comfortable Bed

There is nothing like a hard mattress and a thin sheet to ruin your day. Comfort is important especially in the bedroom. Work is tiring and when you go to your bedroom all you want is to wind down and relax. Especially when you go to sleep. No one wants to head only to bed only to wake up feeling worse. Therefore you need to ensure that your bed is comfortable. Take the time to find a good mattress that you find comfortable. Different people have different needs so check a couple of mattresses out before settling on one. Also make sure that the pillows are fluffy and that your quilt is suitable for the season. Unless you buy all season quilts, you need to be willing to change the quilt as per the season. Only having a thin quilt would spell disaster when winter arrives.

Study Desk

Every bedroom needs a study desk. Doing your work on your bed can be de-motivating and even cause procrastination because you are not in a place to study however having dedicated study rooms may not be an option, therefore purchase a study desk and ensure that you use this to study. Even for just using the laptop, head to the desk and not the bed. This way you would be able to manage your time better and actually get work done.

What people assess as needs are subject to change therefore you may consider some other things to be more important than the ones on this list and that is perfectly fine however do your best to incorporate these as well.