child bedroom

Ideas To Design A Timeless Bedroom For Your Child

Is your toddler getting too big for their nursery? Try out these tips to create a timeless bedroom for your child.

ChooseThe Ideal Color Palette For Your Kid

Think about the location of the room and the amount of light that it receives. If the room is dark and located in a corner in the home, you will have to choose a palette with pastel shades that would lighten up the room. Try to limit your suggestions to bright and highly saturated hues. Try to stick to colors that do not mean “baby” but rather “baby boy” or “baby girl”. This way you do not have to repaint the room once again in five years.

Go With The Furniture That you prefer

You might not want to include your child’s opinion when choosing the furniture for the room as he or she might want to get a princess couch or a racecar bed. Therefore make sure that you go ahead with whatever seems to fit in the room rather than listening to the suggestions from your little one. This might be okay for those who are planning to remodel the room in another 1-2 years but it is always good to choose furniture that they grow into. Make sure the furniture pieces that you choose are cute enough for the toddler and good enough for a grown child as well. You can also try including study materials such as desks and white boards in order to create the perfect space for the child.

Get creative with The Toys And Other Items

These include accessories on the wall too. You might have to stay with furniture for adults but he is still growing up and the room needs to relate to his age and his preferences. You can include shelves on the walls to display his coin collections, stamp collections and other ornaments that are special for him or her. You can actually afford to go crazy with the accessories and not the furniture. So get his or her ideas as well. You can create distinctive wall art with your child to hang over the bed.

However, make sure that the accessories you have chosen appeal to the child’s personality. You can even DIY lampshades and other items as well. DIY projects to create the perfect set of accessories will also help your little one with their creativity and it will help make the room a personalized space.

Mix and Match

Experts suggest including two to three patterns in your child’s room. If you use more patterns in the room, it would be hard for you to maintain a tidy area since the kids usually tend to be chaotic and messy. Remember not to mix and bring in a lot of patterns into the room. You can add one medium sized pattern, one small pattern and some wall art that is distinctive and large enough to draw attention to. Mixing up these patterns will help you create a single effect that will complement the overall ambiance of the room.