Bathroom Fixtures and Accessory – An Idea Guide

Alongside the kitchen, the bathrooms are also one of the most important aspects and rooms of every home. Getting the interior and style worked out right can go a long way in keeping your bathroom looking fresh and glamorous at all times, no matter the size or space. With smart thinking and conceptive design, even the smallest of bathrooms can end up looking luxurious and chic. However, in order to achieve such looks one of the key concepts is the fixtures and accessories that go into it.

In today’s modern interior designing world, there are a variety of beautiful bathroom fixtures and accessories available to choose from. Keep reading as we list down some in order for you to get a better idea about it. Keep in mind that aside from adding looks, these fixtures, as well as accessories, should have purpose and functionality too.

Toilet Seat Ideas

Gone are the boring old toilet seat fixtures that often go through a lot of plumbing and breakage issues. With technology rising and creative thinking spreading across the design industry you can now find a variety of wall-mounted toilet seats or even better, smart toilet seats.

Not only are they easy to maintain and clean, but they leave your floor space looking bigger and brighter. Another advantage includes the lack of need to drill the floor in order to create drainage space. Wall-mounted toilets are also easier to adjust during times of remodeling or renovation.

Image Source: Pexel

Bathroom Sink Ideas

Alongside wall-mounted toilet seats, you also find a variety of wall-mounted sinks. However, these sinks also come in a million different styles and concepts. For example, you can find bathroom sinks with storage drawers or even different sink bowl concepts. They also come in materials such as wood for a rustic-themed setting or marble for a more modern themed setting. The advantages of these wall-mounted sinks remain the same as those mentioned for wall-mounted toilet seats.

Wall Tile Ideas

Bathroom tiles have explored a lot of shapes of the period of time. While the former looks are coming back as vintage looks and styles, the modern ones are also taking the interior world by storm. You can easily buy tiles online for your bathroom as there are great ones available to choose from. Whether you choose rectangular tile fixtures, hexagonal ones, or even simple and sweet square ones, they can create the perfect overall setting for your bathroom when done right.

Bathroom Tub and Shower Ideas

If your bathroom is one that has ample amount one that has ample amount of space to add in a stand-alone tub, then you should definitely go for it. Considering that it is in your budget of course. Most bathrooms today also have shower fixtures with glass doors rather than curtains to slide back and forth. From bar shower doors or frameless shower doors, there is a variety to choose from.

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