Awesome Ways Your Toddler Can Play with His Cars

Is your toddler boy a car freak, and you are thinking of ways to make his playtime more creative and productive? Here are a couple of fun and easy activities that you would want to try with them. See just how enjoyable they turn out to be.  

Car Wash

A car wash might be the first thing, or even all you could think of when you look for interesting ways to get your toddler to play with his cars. Toddler boys are never going to get tired of this one. Because it is not just cars that they love, but water play, too. Combining both of these elements that your toddler loves is only going to result in double the fun!

It is a great way to keep them engaged for at least an hour. If your toddler is a ride on, push the car, hand him a hosepipe and some soap and let him get to work. On the other hand, if he wishes to wash a bunch of his mini metal cars. Hand him a tub of soapy water and some toothbrushes and leave the rest to him!

Driving Paths

This is something little boys are going to love doing! Use some colourful adhesive tape to make driving paths on the floor. You could place a cardboard house or so at one end of the path, and a cardboard garage or car wash at the other.

Your toddler could use the mini-cars from his fancy Hot Wheels toys perhaps, to drive along each path. Starting from ‘home’, all the way to reach the destination at the other end. Make it a little more interesting by placing little checkpoints, bridges, or speed bumps made out of cardboard, paper, or playdough!

Image Source: Unsplash

Cars and Paper Garages

Little mini-cars are the best for this one. This is a super simple way to get your little one learns colours and coordination. Simply make small cardboard garages, each to match the colours of a car, and line them up, next to each other. Hand your toddler one car at a time and let him drive up to the garage that matches its colour.


Toddlers get super thrilled about slopes. Rolling their cars down hills and slopes is something. They would do a hundred times, over and over, and still not get tired of it, nor feel any less thrilled every time! If yours is a boy who has a strong craze for cars, and you have the resources (and the time, of course). You could make wooden slopes of different colours and heights, or get them done by a friendly carpenter.


This is the best thing you can do with a little one who loves both, cars and paint, and colour! All you need to do is paint the wheels of a car (if you have a couple use different colours on each car). Let them drive it on plain white paper laid on the floor. The result – colourful tracks going in all directions!