Travelling to Australia

Guide to the Packing List When Travelling to Australia

Are you planning a trip to Australia? Or, already booked a ticket for your tour. In this article we will be discussing about some items that you need to pack for your Australia trips. We have classified the lists in seasonal sections and Common Items.

Special Packing List: Summer Trip

1.      Hat

The average temperatures often exceeding 35 °C in Australian summer. So, if you are planning to spend days on beach or a day watching cricket in stadium then forgetting to pack a hat can be a big mistake.

2.     T-shirts and Shorts

These are the most popular summer outfits. So, pack this type of item at first for your summer trip. Also, you can pick other alternatives.

3.     sunscreen& Sunglass

Australia has such a strong ray of sunlight in Summer. So, don’t forget to pack a sunglass to protect your eye and sunscreen to protect your skin.

4.     Waterproof/windproof jacket

In some parts of Australia, the summer season is also the wet season. To protect yourself from the rain you must pack a rain jacket. Otherwise, you may suffer from cold.

Special packing list: winter Trip

i.      Beanie Cap

Like the European countries Australia’s temperature does not fall too much in winter. Relatively a warm winter you can get in your winter trip to Australia. Still a Beanie cap can save you from the cold.

ii.     Scarf

To fight with the cold besides the beanie you need to pack a scarf too. It can help to keep the temperature warm in your neck.

iii.   Sneakers

To save your feet form being cold you must carry a sneaker in your bag pack.

iv.    Thermals

Do you like hiking and camping? If yes, and you already planned for it then don’t forget to carry thermals with you. It will keep you warm when camping or hiking.

Common packing list: All season Trip

a.     Toiletries

Besides the sunscreen that we mentioned earlier you should carry some other toiletries like:

Aloe Vera Oil: In summer if you suffered from sunburn then aloe vera oil can be the life saver.

Towels: It is another must need item that you always need in the beaches and bathroom.

Hand sanitizer: To get rid of virus and bacteria you can always carry a pocket hand sanitizer.

b.     Medicines

A new environment is always not adjusted to your health quickly.  For safety you should always carry some medicines in your bag pack. For instance, some allergy pills, pills for bad stomachs, motion sickness pill, etc.

Some other things you need to carry:

c.      Outbound Travel Adaptors 

d.     Packing Cubes

e.     Filtered bottles

f.      Head Phone

g.     Torch

h.     Camera case

i.      Socks

End Note:

Here we mentioned only some items that you must need. Without these things you may be in trouble in your trip to Australia. According to your plan you must organize the list of your own and buy travel accessories online before you leaving home for your trip.