World Hunger

The Top 4 Reasons for World Hunger

Are you surprised? In a world where there are many prosperous and rich, there are also many sufferings due to deprivation of basic needs such as food. Hunger is a global problem. This means that this issue is not limited to a certain region, it is widespread amongst the nations. Ironically, the world produces sufficient food to feed 7.5 billion people, but not everyone has access to the food produced. Here are the 4 most significant factors behind world hunger:

1.      Poverty

Poverty exists even in some of the world’s most affluent nations. It is truly a vicious cycle that harms those that are trapped in it. Many families in poverty-stricken households cannot afford the basic food items. As a result, they are heavily undernourished, produce malnourished children and lack the needed nutrition intake for the average human being.

For instance, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most impoverished nations in the world and have approximately 7.9 million people suffering from hunger. It is important for the rest of us to play our part as a citizen of earth and donate to various organizations such as The Hunger Project, to help in reducing and ultimately ending world hunger.

2.      War

War and conflict are one of the major factors for the presence of hunger in the globe today. For instance, Yemen is experiencing an extreme food crisis due to the ongoing conflict within the nation that has left roughly 17 million individuals in desperate need of food.

Moreover, the civil war in South Sudan has led to the massive displacement of citizens and fields. This has resulted in a lack of crop harvests and high inflation rates, leaving roughly 6 million people in an extreme hunger situation.

3.      Food Shortages & Food Wastage

In the continent of Africa, families involved in the farming sector go through certain periods before the harvest time, which is known as the season of hunger. During this time the food supplies from prior harvests are running out and the opportunity to restock is greatly lacking.

This induces many people to skip at least one meal per day until the next harvest season. Additionally, food waste is an equally problematic factor for world hunger. For example, almost 1/3 of the global food produced is wasted every year. If this food can be recovered it could feed all the hungry people on earth and double it over!

4.      Climate Change

If you were unaware, you are aware now. Climate change is a real thing and it is affecting every square inch of this world. The more intense and frequent the weather conditions are, the more likely hunger will be a problem within that region.

Above 80% of the globe’s hungriest individuals live in nations that are more susceptible to extreme weather. Insufficient or an overflow of rainfall affects the growth of harvests. Due to this, climate change could even catapult hundred million people over to poverty within the next 10 years according to the World Bank. It is time to increase in environmental awareness and look after the planet we are born into.

World hunger is a current global issue that has compromised the life of many, make a donation feed a family and potentially save a life!