Beginners Guide – What Every Make-Up Artist Needs

Make-up products are taking the world by a storm. From trending looks to glam up moments, make-up is used for all, even during Halloween! While some love putting it on themselves, many have the artistic talent on enhance the features and looks of other with simple swishes of the brush.

If you’re one such person, and a beginning at that, there are a couple of things you’re going to need to know, starting from some of the basic things you need to own. Purchasing the right items can turn into a worthy investment if you’re planning on becoming a make-up artist in the long-run or your own make-up, be it as a hobby, part-time job or full-time professional. Here are some of the things you need for your make-up.

Brushes and palettes

Just like with art on a canvas, you cannot begin a make-up without the right brushes and plates by your side. While you don’t require every single brush out there, having at least four or five of them can be of great use for blending and highlighting. Study the various different kinds of brushes in order to help you select the important set.  

Hair Clips

Hair falling on the face during the attempt to put make-up can be a hassle. It may even test your patience. Therefore, keep a handy number of clips by your side in order to pin up the hair. It helps you have a better and clearer focus on your working process. This is also helps you avoid getting make-up onto the hair.

Make-up pouches

Having a make-up pouch or at least a Sylvie can help you store your entire make-up products and equipment with utmost care and neatness. Realizing you lost a brush or make-up product during the process of applying it can turn into an ugly situation. Therefore, make sure your times are organized and well kept.

Mascara and lip wands

Taking into consideration health care guidelines and safety from bacteria, keeping a set of disposable mascara and lip wands can win hearts of the clients due it being a fresh set. Although this means you would’ve had to buy a reasonable amount and keep, it may still be worth the cost and effort. It is important to focus on the customer’s health and satisfaction first.

Eyelash curler

It is a tool that cannot be left behind. While putting on mascara on its own gives a more natural and elegant look, using a curler beforehand can enhance its length and curl. Not all girls are lucky enough to have long and wispy lashes. With the help of an eyelash curler, you would be possible to give their lashes an extra lift.

Make-up sponges

You cannot possibly have complete equipment set if you don’t have the infamous make up sponges that allow you to blend the foundation, concealers and other important layers without caking it too much. Make sure your sponge is a dry one and not wet.

It can be handy to keep Q-tips and tweezers with you too!


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