How To Manage 2 Full-Time Careers With Children

The option to have one parent stay at home with the children while the other is working does not work in today’s world for many families. The truth is that many families need two incomes in order to live the quality of life that they want. This will take quite a bit of planning as children have friends to play with, practices to attend, and of course school. This is not impossible as the following tips will help any family that seems to be struggling to find their rhythm with 2 working parents.


Finding help taking care of the kids can be done through a variety of ways. The first option of course is that of grandparents or another family member as they will rarely charge you. This does not always work out as families are more spread out across the country than ever before. has coupons on Groupon to help you find the right babysitter for your children. This comes with background checks so you know what type of person will be caring for your children.

Working from home has become more prevalent than ever before as many people can perform their jobs from nearly anywhere in the world. Asking a boss to work from home due to the children can be seen as a risk if you are not performing well and need to be pushed on a daily or weekly basis. Asking the boss if you are performing well above average with minimal direction is much less of a risk. Working from home can allow you to have a career without sacrificing time with the family.

Teenagers can be a huge help as far as helping take their siblings to practices or even school. While this will not be on the top of their priority list, offering to pay car insurance surely will make it a much more appealing option. The family should be seen as a team with each member working to make life as smooth as possible.

As you can see it will take planning and a bit of luck for everything to work out with 2 working parents. The opportunities that you can afford your children will be vast even if you feel like you are missing out a bit. Do not rule out having two working parents especially if you are struggling financially.