breastfeeding clothes

Your Checklist for Easier and Comfortable Nursing

Breastfeeding does not require anything extra besides you and your baby. However, it can be painful, initially leaving you with cracked and sore nipples. To help you ease the soreness and pain there are some products and accessories that can help you out.

Here are some useful items that could help you as a nursing mom:

Breastfeeding pillow

A nursing pillow is very useful in supporting your baby as you position him/her at the right level to breast feed. It also helps you as a nursing mom to prevent strain on your neck and back. This can even help you accommodate various breastfeeding positions enabling comfort both for you and your baby.

Nursing clothes

Nursing clothes are essential when you decide to head outside with your baby. Wearing Breastfeeding clothes makes it easy as possible to sit down anywhere and nurse your baby’s hunger. Nursing tops and dresses have slits and flaps that can be opened easily to ease the process of breastfeeding in public.

breastfeeding clothes
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Nursing pads

Also referred to as ‘breast pads’, these pads made of absorbent materials are used to absorb any milk that leaks from your breasts. Nursing pads are placed inside the bra. They are specially required by women who are new to breastfeeding and have just experienced child birth recently.

Breast pump

This device is used to pump out milk from your breasts. This is very effective to collect milk for your baby so he/she can be fed during your absence. It is also used to manage an overabundant supply of milk from your breasts.

Milk storage bags

If you are pumping your breasts using the breast pump, then you require some adequate containers to store this milk. Opt for stronger, larger and BPA free bags so the milk does not contain any harmful chemicals once you feed it to the baby.

Nipple creams & lotions

When you breastfeed, cracked and blistered nipples are quite common. Nipple creams and lotions come in handy at such instances. These creams and lotions can help ease the pain and moisturize that dried skin. It also soothes your skin around the area.

Nursing bras

As your breasts now supply milk, during the stages of breastfeeding your breasts will feel fuller and heavier. Nursing bras can help provide you with necessary comfort and support. It also comes in handy with those nursing clothes as you can pull it down much easily at the time of breastfeeding.

Muslin Blankets

Working as both a burping rag and nursing cover, they are a great help when it comes to breastfeeding. You can use any other kind of blankets as well but since muslin blankets are soft, light and breathable they will be ideal to be in contact with the baby’s sensitive skin.

These products are great to help you out with your breastfeeding and can keep you and the baby comfortable. While breastfeeding is a difficult journey, it can also be one of the most beautiful experiences if you have these products to help you enjoy it.