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7 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a party revolving around celebrating the imminent birth of a new baby. It provides a   way for friends and family to assist new parents by gifting them with the requirements for a new born baby. Birthing a baby is already hard enough, a baby shower could take some pressure of the new mother. For instance, the gifts usually a variety of baby items, parental books and items which help the mother.

This can help the mother prepare better and have all she needs for after the baby is born. The meaning behind a ‘baby shower’ is to shower the unborn baby and mother with a plethora of gifts and love. The expecting mum can relax and enjoy herself for a while! Generally, baby showers are organized by friends and family and require quite a bit of planning. I have outlined 7 tips for planning a baby shower:

1.      Location

The friends and family organizing the shower ought to know the expectant mum’s likes and dislikes before choosing a place to host the shower. Choose a place she will love and you couldn’t possibly go wrong! Ensure to keep a budget, number of guests and how the weather will be on the date chosen depending on what sort of location you choose. For instance, you can have a private baby shower at the comfort of the mother’s home, at a restaurant or outdoors near a beach, garden or lake.

2.      Guest List

Prepare a guest list which includes the close family members and friends of the expectant mother. Make sure the list only contains whom the mother-to-be wants at the shower. The number of guests invited is dependent on the budget and venue space. Typically, baby showers contain women but as time has evolved the father-to-be and his friends can be included in the list as well. In addition, you can send electronic or printed invites with aesthetically pleasing designs and follow up with a call for confirmation.

3.      Get Decorating

There are several inspirational decoration ideas available on many online platforms. You can even have a theme and buy or DIY some decorations according to the theme. The food table is usually the main centre of focus in regard to decoration. Decorate the food, use matching sets of table cloths, cutlery, balloons, serving platters and banners. You can even get a cake shaped like a baby, a nappy or stroller to bring it all together!

4.      Games

Make the event memorable with some fun games. Ensure to have the supplies required for the games and gifts for the winners. There are many games that can be enjoyed at a baby shower, guess that baby food, don’t say baby and baby items in the bag are few among the many options for games.

baby gift baskets
Image Source: Pexels

5.      Gifts

If the expectant parents have a gift registry, the guests can bring their own presents. For example, baby clothes, toys, diapers or baby gift baskets, which usually include a variety of baby related items. Guests can even spoil the mother to be with some make up or masks.

6.      Food

There are many versatile options for food. You can choose a few food items off a set menu at restaurants or cafes. If you are having the baby shower at home you can organize catering or ask some of the invitees to bring a dish, cook some dishes yourself and ensure to keep everyone hydrated with some homemade punch and lemonade.

Use these tips and get busy organizing a memorable and fun baby shower!