All You Need to Know About Home Nursing

When it comes to the topic of home nursing, not many people really have information on what it is all about and the various options available. It is only until you or a loved one needs this service that people really understand the concept. Many times, you will find that people simply go with the option of hiring a nanny to care for the loved one regardless of whether or not they are a professional. While this may work, it isn’t always the best solution for you or you loved and you do indeed need professional home nursing care.


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The reason why a professional service is important is because you receive proper medical attention. It is important to note that home care service providers only employ licensed practicing nurses and registered nurses as well. This means that the person caring for you is a professional skilled in dealing with various medical scenarios and able to do more than simply perform first aid should an emergency arise. Some of the duties your nurse can provide include medical tasks such as: intravenous therapy and tube feeding, administration of medicines, wound care, palliative care, physical therapy, ventilator monitoring just to mention a few. Since this is home care, a lot more comes into play than simply administering medical help and the nurse could also help with other patient care duties such as helping the patient travel, bath, go to the bathroom and more.


Should you decide to go for the home care option, it is important to realise that you have a nursing professional with you and not an assistant or nanny. It is therefore not the nurse’s duty to prepare meals for the patient or attend to personal errands. The care professional’s duties are clearly defined within the contract you sign and you need to honour that. In other words, the nurse is with you to only look after the welfare of the patient and the tasks of a nurse in a hospital and the one you have at home shouldn’t change much.


There are many misconceptions when it come nursing care provided at home. Most people assume that this form of care is only provided to the aged. The truth is any one of us could benefit from this care option from the young to the old. Sometimes we get health conditions that require frequent monitoring without really having the need to confine someone in a hospital. This could be as a result of an accident. The purpose of such care would be primarily for rehabilitation and thus there is no need to be hospitalised. Life doesn’t stop when you have a health condition and the best way to recover quickly would be to employ home care.


As you can see, there are various reasons why one would need this kind of care. The fact that you can get medical care from the comfort of your home is something to take advantage of and it could actually help your loved one recover even faster because he or she surrounded by loved ones. So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you need to get home care, go for a professional service.