Dairy Free

5 Tips to Enjoy Dairy Free Meals

Have you been thinking about quitting dairy, but are also anxious about the transition? Certainly, a change of diet is never easy, but transitioning is only a phase, and once you’re past it, you are only going to be thankful you made your decision, especially when you did it for the better! Here is a list of tips on how to enjoy your dairy free diet that should boost your confidence!

Know About Substitutes

The first thing you need to know is that there are loads of substitutes for milk that are all just as good, not only in terms of taste or so but in terms of nutrient content, too. There is soy milk, soy milk, cashew milk, and oat milk amidst a load of others to choose from. Exploring these options can sure be fun. It might almost feel like you are taking your taste buds on a little journey every time until you have found what appeals to you and works for you. 

In addition, you also may want to get fully familiar with butter and cheese replacements, too. Again, there are tons of options out there for vegans that you might find the range a lot more interesting than the regular dairy products you’ve been buying all along. Whether it is dairy free sour cream or other thickeners that you want for salads and cooking, you are likely to find a whole range from various brands. 

Focus on ‘What Is’ than ‘What’s Not

When you think about your new diet, always try focusing on the things you ‘can have’ or ‘can do to enjoy your diet, instead of thinking about things that you cannot have or do. Get on the internet and get lost in a swarm of recipes that you could try and probably going to love that include item like soy milk and dairy free cream. Always look at the amazing part about your new diet, and forget about anything that is not great – because there isn’t!

Dairy Free
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Explore and Stock up On Snacks

This again is going to need a little bit of research. However, once you know where and how to find the best snacks you can, you’d rather grab a stock of them and store them at home. You might want to get frozen snacks and desserts, too. When you are stocked up with the best, you are less likely to get tempted by other stuff and cheat!

Aim for Foods and Snacks with Less Ingredients

This is something you would want to stick to. After all, it does make sense – the fewer the ingredients, the more likely it is going to be dairy-free. This is one tip to keep in mind whenever you are shopping in a hurry, or you are grabbing a morning snack on your way to work. When there is no time to be reading labels, you would choose to go with simple products that contain, perhaps, 3 or fewer ingredients. 

Get Advice

Never hesitate to have a chat with those in the same boat as you! You never know, you could always pick up tips and hacks that you have always been looking for!