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5 Tips for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

The decision to buy the right engagement ring can feel extremely daunting. There are many rings on the market, with different shapes, sizes, and colors all over the place. Proposing in itself can be both an exciting and a stressful experience. 

You want to make sure your ring is worthy of the partner you want to live the rest of your lives with and at the same time you want to ensure that they will love the ring! To help you out on your proposal journey I have listed five helpful tips for buying a diamond engagement ring: 

  1. Know your Diamond 

It is vital that you research and gather information about the 4cs of diamonds before you decide to purchase an engagement ring. To summarize the 4cs are color which is between D-Z, from D being completely colourless to Z being the diamond has a light yellow or brownish hue. Then you have clarity, which refers to inclusions (lack of internal characteristics) and blemishes (irregularities on the surface), this is rated between included to flawless. 

Moreover, cut refers to the quality of the diamond interacting with light depending on its cut. Lastly, Carat weight refers to the size of the diamond. Once you understand these Cs you can make a decision based on each feature you prefer or which you think your future partner would appreciate the most. 

  1. Be Ready with the Shape 

Before heading into that jewellery store make sure you understand the variations between a diamond’s cutting style and shape. The famous shape is the round but many others may prefer the rectangle, oval, square, heart, or marquise shapes instead. 

Engagement Ring
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  1. Know the Cutting Style 

You cannot go into the store without knowing the cut you want the diamond to be in. Cutting style is basically how the diamond’s facets have been arranged. Cut styles can be noticed in a variety of shapes and the most popular one happens to be the round brilliant cut. In addition, step cuts are a cutting style many people would opt you go for. Why? Because step cuts have very long, lean, and sleek lines which give them both an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. 

  1. Check it out under Various Lightings 

Sunlight, fluorescent light, and spotlights can make a diamond look different based on which lighting it comes under. The majority of jewelers are known to use a spotlight as it highlights and complements the diamonds very well and brings out their beauty. However, dramatic lighting is not realistic and average lighting. Try out your diamond under more average lighting conditions to get the best one! 

  1. Choose the Right Metal 

The ideal metals that will go for your engagement rings are rose gold, platinum, yellow gold, and white gold. Particularly gold and platinum have varying features. For instance, their hues can alter the appearance of a piece of jewellery and could set off the color of the gemstone on the ring very differently from what it may have been originally. So, choose the right one for you and your forever-mate. 

Make your proposal heaps easier by following these tips and choosing the correct ring!