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Things To Know Before Getting a Dog

If this is the first time you are considering getting a dog then there are of course a couple of things you need to think about prior. The idea of owning a dog can seem fun and exciting but the reality of it will only sink in once you realize just how many lifestyle adjustments you will need to make. A dog is man’s best friend so in other to help you get the ball rolling on how you accommodate having a pet, here are some things to think about. 

What kind of dog

If you live in your own home then the size and breed of your dog can be solely dependent on you. However, if you do live in an apartment there may be a size restriction where only smaller dogs are allowed. This can also be the case for the city and suburban homes. Regardless of the size, all dogs need exercise and proportionate living conditions. 

Meaning they should be able to freely move around the house. Therefore, if you do live in a smaller city apartment or house with limited space, a bigger dog might not be suitable. In this case, opt for a mid-size dog who will not have a problem manoeuvring through furniture. This way you will also need to figure out how they will be taken for walks in order for them to be healthy. 

a Dog
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All dogs will need to go through some sort of training before being brought to the home. There are plenty of dog training centers that help your dog acclimatize to a home setting. Full-breed or adopted dogs go through the same training. However, you can also do this on your own. 

Train them to go outside, when necessary, bark on a certain count and be social with other animals. A great way to get them started is taking them out on walks on a secure leash. So if you are looking for a dog harness Australia has e-commerce stores that provide high-quality items for dogs of all sizes and breeds. This ensures that their runs are comfortable for you and them. Giving you full control over the dog.   

Your lifestyle

Dogs need company and affection if they are to feel happy in your home, therefore your lifestyle is a large determinant of whether you should get a dog or not. If you live alone and constantly travel having a dog might mean you have to find pet sitters or people to walk your dog. 

This might not be such a great idea as this can be costly and your dog will be on their own most of the time unless you get two or more. Although if you do live with someone else then splitting the responsibilities and time between you is ideal. 


Dogs can take a chunk of your income so prepare for the financial investment allocating money for food, toys, and even medical expenses that can happen at any time.