Why You Should Invest More in Vinyl

Audiophiles or those who love music more than anything else would argue that the quality of music is better when heard on vinyl. This is true and so much more. Read below to find out about the obvious advantages of this over other music formats.

Music sounds better on vinyl

Music on vinyl is better compared to other formats and is comparable to how artists have recorded in the studio. This is because audio files are being compressed to reduce their size for it to be possible to be streamed online or to be stored on a smartphone or any other listening gadget that could store and listen to music. 

With vinyl, it is a much better quality since no audio information is lost. Once you have tried and listened to music on it, you would be able to tell and notice the difference between vinyl and MP3s or any other format.

Another reason why listening to record players is better is because the sound is not distorted and unpleasant. Vinyl shies away from an amplified track’s volume. Processing digital music now affects the audio’s quality because of the necessity to intensify the song’s volume.

Image Source: Unsplash

Buying vinyl is old school

If you are not a fan of buying anything online, then you would appreciate buying vinyl since you need to go to a physical store to buy one (although you could order vinyl online as well). Buying it is an experience that needs to be experienced in a store where you could look for music for hours on end. 

This is the kind of experience that people of the current generation have failed to experience since they grew up purchasing their music on iTunes or Spotify or any other music streaming apps and services. Buying albums on the other hand is a social experience that is best shared in person with other people who share the same interests.

Listening to vinyl improves your taste in music

For those who love to listen to the music of the past, it’s best that you listen to vinyl since the music of the past is better than the current music. This is the reason why listening to this also improves your taste in music since you will be listening to the music of the past. 

There are current songs and albums that are also sold on vinyl but since the fans of current music are more into digital music, it’s moot. Selling them on this is not as marketable compared to digital downloads. 

Vinyl enthusiasts are picky when it comes to the music they listen to. If you hang out with people who listen to songs on this, you’d soon appreciate bands that play and write songs of their own with deep and meaningful lyrics. 

Lastly, vinyl is an investment since it gains in value. There are people who buy, collect and resell it. When you will not pursue collecting it anymore, you could get your money back with a profit once you sell your collection.