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NLE Choppa Net Worth in 2021 [Updated]

NLE Choppa is famous for his Rapping style; he is an American Rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He is known for NLE Choppa but his professional name is Bryson Lashun Potts and previously he is known for YNR Choppa . NLE was born on 1st November, 2002 to a Jamaican Mother. He was born and brought up in Memphis, Tennessee in the Parkway Village area. In this early Age he got Fame, stardom, success. This Young Rapper is such an inspiration of all the teenagers. Actually he took Music seriously at the age of 15 and now he is a successful person at the age of 18. In January 2019 his New single “Shotta Flow” was released and it has garnered a total 10 million views. He is also famous for his hit song “Walk Em Down” and “Camelot”.

All are curious about in this young age what would be the NLE Choppa Net Worth ? Here are all the Details that you need to know.

Early life & Personal life:

Before his fame he was a basketball player. When he took admission in Cordova High School, he played Basketball there. Then he started to sing freestyle with his friends at the age of 14. He was good a freestyling then he started to taking music seriously at the age of 15.

As he announces Through Social media NLE Choppa become a Father on June 20, 2020. He has a daughter named Clover Brylie Potts. He changed his mind set for his daughter, in this purpose he said “I knew I need to change and be a better person for my daughter”. NLE Choppa launched a YouTube channel named “Awakened Choppa” in august 2020 Where documented about his healthier lifestyle including veganism and gardening.

He being a Young Entertainer he survive with mental health issue and pressure. In his music he raps about his struggled with depression. In 2020 he also banned from Instagram for some reason. He was arrested on March 29, 2021 as the cause of burglary, drug and weapon charges. When he went for show in Santa Monica, California on May, 2021 where he and his crew member involved in a fight.


When NLE Choppa started career as a rap music, his mother Angela Potts always support him and managing him and His mother was the manager. In 2018 he released his first song “No Love Anthem” as the name of YNR Choppa. In this year he released one by one song like his debut mixtape, No Love the Takeover, “No Chorus Pt. 3”. After gaining popularity, His single Shotta Flow Break the record, this video gone crazy, got 10 million views in one month. Then he released the second version of Shotta Flow “shotta Flow 2” which received 20 million views. Now the video crossed 80 million views in YouTube.

In may, He tribute to his childhood rapper, Lil Wayne and released “Blocc is Hot” produce by ALT Jacob. After some day he performed in Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis.

In 2019 he also released his single “Free Young Boy” and the music achieved 19 million views in YouTube. Then released “Camelot”, “Extended play” (titled with cottonwood), On the Releasing of cottonwood, a short film also released on same day with this same title.

In 2020 He released “Walk Em Down” on March 19 and two months later he released “Shotta Flow 5”. Again single song released “Narrow Road” featuring Lil Baby.

On his birthday means on 1st November NLE released his new project titled “From Dark to Light”. On 23rd October he put a music video of “Narrow Road” in YouTube he got 28 million views.

Recent in 2021 as NLE tweet a post of upcoming song of the second part of “Walk Em Down” with Lil Durk

Earning & Net Worth:

NLE Choppa Net Worth is 3 million USD. At this young age, and his music career he earned big sum of money. And also He has another income source that is His own YouTube channel where he has 3.89 million subscriber and earned handsome amount from there.

Quick Information:

  • Real Name – Bryson Lashun Potts
  • Age – 18 Years old.
  • Date of Birth – 1st Nov 2002
  • Birth place – Memphis, Tennessee, United States
  • Mother’s Name –  Angela Ellis Potts
  • Girlfriend Name – Yung Blasian
  • Children Name – Clover Brylie Potts (Daughter)
  • Profession – Professional Rapper
  • Height – 6’ 1” (186 cm)
  • Weight – 75 kg (195 lbs.)
  • NLE Choppa Net Worth – $3 Million


“Everything you want to accomplish is already within yourself so when you start to roll in self-doubt and think negative thoughts then you’ll fall off. So keep visualizing and keep knowing what you’re destined for, it’ll come to you”.

NLE Choppa

“A lot of people can throw the drip on, but if you don’t layer your chain a certain way, it doesn’t complete the outfit”.

NLE Choppa


NLE Choppa
Who is NLE Choppa?

NLE Choppa is an American young Rapper whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts. At the age of 18 he becomes famous in his rapping style.

What is NLE Choppa’s Net Worth?

$3 Million

Who is Choppa’s girlfriend 2021?

His new girlfriend is Yung Blasian.

How much does NLE Choppa make a year?

$4.21 million a year.