What to Pack on A Romantic Getaway for Two?

You’ve finally been asked out on that dream date you’ve been yearning for- a romantic getaway for two! It can be hard to relax and unwind in the hustle and bustle of daily living so this is the perfect opportunity to do so and it is definitely going to create some memories for a lifetime so you’ve got to remember to pack all the essentials that will make this a sweet, romantic success. Read on for a simple list of what you should be packing on this special occasion.


We’re starting with the basics here- nothing goes hand in hand better than a romantic getaway and lingerie. But don’t forget it’s not all about sight, it’s also about touch. Satin or silk camisoles and shorts/ nightgowns are always a winner and will never let you down.


You might think your man needs to go all out and put the effort in this department but what are the chances of him picking the right scent that you know for sure will set the mood. Scented candles are a great way to create a romantic and intimate ambience that plays with your sense of smell. You don’t want anything too strong of course, but perhaps something fruity or with a light vanilla scent. Store a few away for an evening spent indoors.

Image Source: Pixabay


You’ll be going out to a fancy fine dine restaurant at least once or a stroll along a beach- this is a must in the itinerary of any romantic getaway and for good reason! So, don’t forget to pack at least two outfits and store your makeup and shoes away in the suitcase. Consider adding a cashmere scarf to the mix to give yourself that luxurious look and feel. It certainly makes for a pretty sight when working along the beach. Make sure your makeup is simple and fresh and don’t forget to take your partner’s favourite perfume along too!


While nature’s song is simple and gentle on the ears, if you want something a bit more you can always bring your own playlist of romantic tunes. It can get a bit too quiet at times, and playing a song will help add some background noise and who knows- you could even dance the night away with your partner.

Massage oil

Oil isn’t for everyone but for those who do enjoy this experience, make sure to bring along massage oil so you can take turns in giving each other spa treatment worthy of a professional. If you don’t like oil, there’s always the option of body butter or even lotion.


Having a cold or a bad case of diarrhea is the unluckiest thing that could happen to you on your getaway. The last thing you want to do is to get sick so make sure to pack away all the essential medication, from antibiotic cream to anti-diarrheal pills.

Now that you’ve gone through all the essentials, don’t forget to put all your worries aside and allow yourself to unwind!