Employee-Friendly Workplace

How to create an Employee-Friendly Workplace

As an employer, you know that the key to success in your business is gaining customer satisfaction. It is your employees who strive to earn this satisfaction which helps in uplifting the company. To obtain maximum effort from them, you need to create an employee-friendly workplace which would keep them physically and mentally fit.

It is your responsibility to look after your employees as they strive to achieve the goals that you have put forward. Inspirational speaker Simon Sinek once said: “customers will never love a company unless its employees love it first.”

So, how does creating an employee-friendly workplace benefit you?

Most employees are stressed with finding the right balance to their work and personal life which can dampen their productivity. When you create an employee-friendly workplace, it increases the productivity of your employees and enhances their performance. They are able to tackle more tasks under less time. An employee-friendly environment will provide them with the ability to work well under pressure while being flexible.

Here are some of the first steps you could take to start creating that environment your employees would love to work in:

Employee-Friendly Workplace

Revamp your office space

Your employees spend most of their time in the confines of those boring white-washed walls. To create a livelier environment for them to work in, you can start off by re-painting those walls. You can choose colours like green and blue which give a sense of calm and ease or you can opt for yellow and orange which are bright and bubbly. You can even add in some furniture to match with those newly painted walls. Your spruced up office will unknowingly provide your employees with a new level of determination when they get back to work.

Promote the mental and physical health of your employees

To keep your employees relaxed, energized and excited to work, you can set up a ‘recreation room.’ This can be a space that your employees use to unwind and relax. It also promotes socializing between employees of different departments which will allow them to work better as a team when they come across a situation where they need to collaborate. While the ‘recreation room’ ensures employees of a stress-free mind, you can set up a small gym for employees to work on keeping themselves physically fit. Or you can set up some workplace massage stations they can head on over to de-stress.

Replace fear with respect

One of the reasons for the stress your employees are facing could be the ‘authoritative’ aura you are emanating as their boss. Get in to the habit of developing good relationships with your employees and earn their respect. Your employees are your company’s family, so create a supportive environment where they feel like they could exchange ideas and voice out their opinions.

When you create an environment, your employees would enjoy working in, you will be able to retain good employees and attract better ones as well. Your employees will be motivated to work harder because when you take good care of your employees then they will take good care of your business.