Is a Cantilever Racking System Right for You?

No matter what goods or accessories you need to store at your warehouse, a cantilever racking system offers an effective storage solution for almost any space. This is because these racking systems can efficiently store materials so they won’t interfere with the handling of your business operations. To help you decide if this effective racking system is right for you, here are three ways to tell if you should invest in cantilever racking for more organized warehouse storage.


Bulky and Irregular Shaped Items

If you need to store irregularly shaped items at your business or warehouse, a cantilever racking system can provide a simple and cost-effective solution. This system makes it easier and safer to store bulky and longer-than-average items. This includes wooden planks, long steel pipes, plywood, wooden crates, lengths of lumber, plastic tubing and odd-sized furniture. A cantilever racking system allows you to have narrow aisles that are still accessible by forklift. This is an excellent option if you have different products lines, as you can navigate through the aisles efficiently. For companies that may need to pick through their bulky and irregular items at any given moment, the adjustable system can go as narrow as you can manage for maximum density storage.

Different Loading Requirements

Cantilever racking systems can be used to hold materials that have particular loading requirements. Shelving and racking suppliers are more than willing to customize designs for your warehouse if you have specific loading requirements. In addition, the arms of a cantilever racking system can be completely adjusted without the need for special tools, making the system extremely easy and convenient to use.

When it comes to loading requirements, it’s important to be aware of capacities. The upright capacity of cantilever racking is the weight supported by each arm level and the number of arm levels per upright column. The arm capacity is the total weight needed for each product level and the number of arms used for that product level. This number is calculated with the assumption that the load will be evenly distributed from the front, back and to the side. All these factors play a role in determining what the safe working load is and whether you need a more heavy duty cantilever racking system for your warehouse.

Small or Large Warehouse

A cantilever racking system is a suitable option for whether your warehouse or business is small or large. If you’re on a tight budget, this system has one of the lowest costs per square meter, allowing you to maximize your area for any size warehouse with fast-moving inventory. This enables you to have complete control over inventory so you can enjoy far more efficient working conditions within your storage facility or warehouse. Employees will no longer have to sort through piles of products, allowing them to get their work done faster. Regardless of whether you have a small or large warehouse, a cantilever racking system is the perfect solution for your business.