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Promotional Videos: Do They Work?

There are several different ways to promote a business or a product, whether that be posters and pictures, or promotional videos. Promotional videos aspire to promote the product in a fun and interesting way so that the general public can understand what the product is about and why it’s worth buying.

Types of Videos

There are different types of videos from product videos, event videos, recruitment videos or even video ads that are short, quick, and concise.

Product videos are promotional videos that are created to explain to the viewer why they need this product. These videos can also mention and talk about the product’s features.

Event promotional videos are ones that promote an upcoming event. Depending on the nature of the video, it can be fast-paced and cool or slower. These videos explain the event details and why viewers need to pay attention and attend the event.

creative agency Sydney
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Many companies nowadays have an “About Us” video on their main page, explaining the purpose of their business or company. Some are animated, some consist an overview of the company, maybe behind-the-scenes videos. Some companies like to get their employee opinions about the company, product, or business through short interviews as well. Agencies, such as creative agency Sydney based are in place to guide you to decide which type of video can help boost and promote your business the best.

The pros and cons

There are many pros to preferring promotional videos. They are quick to explain the nature of the product or business that is being promoted and gets the point across accurately that trying to read through blocks of texts. They grab your attention with sound and imagery much faster than trying to read blogs or download.

Videos also allow you to be creative and have different formats from real life to animation. Promotional videos are generally short and to-the-point however they can be longer to add more information too. Videos allow you to be flexible so you can present the information you want to your customers.

However, there are some cons to using promotional videos as well. For example, if your video is too long with too many texts, the viewer will quickly become bored and click away from the video which defeats its purpose. Videos might also be less accessible because not all laptops or phones might support the file or there might be a language barrier if the customer doesn’t know the language that the video is created in.

Videos may also be tricky to produce if you don’t have the skill because it is extremely time-consuming. It takes time to produce a video-script, plan ahead, shoot the video, and edit. Editing itself is a skill to learn and familiarize you with video editing programs and software. If it’s an animated video that will also be time-consuming.

Promotional videos can be a great source of marketing for your business or product if appropriate. Although, it is important to remember that videos may not always be the best form of promotional multimedia for your business but when they work, they sure do work.