Sign Board

Factors To Consider When Designing A Sign Board

A sign board can aid in your advertising efforts with regard to a certain product you want to promote. However, for the sign board to play its role and be effective there are certain factors you should consider as this will help you promote the product better.

The size

Taking into account the size of the sign board is a good idea. Keep in mind that the board does not have to be huge that it takes up so much space and the board is all people can see. You don’t want people to feel like your sign board is in their face every time they pass it. However, it should also not be too small that it cannot be noticed. Therefore, taking the time to think about what the right size of the board is can be helpful.

Type of board

Considering the type of board that you want is another factor to consider. For example, do you want a billboard type of sign board or do you want a LED digital signage as you feel this could engage the audience better.

The colours

When designing the sign board, be aware of the colours that you use. Having too many colours can be distracting to the audience and it can take away from the product that you are trying to advertise. It is important to keep in mind that the messaging should not get lost in the midst of the design.

Therefore, having a multicolored board can even hide the product as all people will see when they look at the board is the colours. It will be beneficial to you if you keep in mind that the colours you use on the board should aid in bringing out the product that you are trying to advertise.

The location

The location at which you choose to display your board is an important factor to consider. You would be at a loss if you spend a lot of time and money designing the board and only to display it in a location that will not be seen by many. Therefore, finding a good location to display the board is important if not it will defeat the purpose of the sign board if you display the board in a place where people cannot see it.

The wording

It is best to keep the wording on the board short and sweet. Printing long paragraphs will not work as people are not going to stop to read it. Keep in mind that once you have the attention of the customer, that attention is going to be very short-lived. Therefore, the words that you use to advertise the product should be short and appealing and should tell people what the product is in just a few words.

Another factor to keep in mind is the font. If the font is unclear it could make it confusing to the reader. Especially if the person is in a rush, they are not going to spend time trying and figuring out what the word is. They will instead walk away, never having read the board. Therefore, to ensure the board is legible, it is important to use a clear font.