Gift Ideas

Top 4 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Kids

Are you at the age and stage where all your friends are throwing baby showers or raising kids? Do you have you own kids on the way or are you simply the playful aunt/uncle that is preparing for the holiday season? Whichever category you may fit into, one thing might be in common:

You are all not willing to break the bank over a gift of any kind, particularly a child’s gift. Have you searched and searched all over for a solution? If you have not found the ideal gift ideas, then you have come to the right place! Here are 4 of the best and cheapest gift options that will give your bank account a breather:

1.     Custom Night Lights

I am sure at least one out of five kids you know probably, have trouble sleeping in the dark. Majority of kids tend to go to bed with a night light on. You could step in here and swap out their basic night light with a customized one.

All you have to do is find out what the child likes and get one made accordingly. For instance, if your nephew loves the T-Rex, then all you have to do is place an order for a T-Rex night light and your nephew will fall sound asleep thinking his favourite dinosaur pal is protecting him through the night time.

2.     The Solar System

I am not telling you to purchase the entire universe, just a picture of it on a table décor. A solar system table décor personalized with the child’s name is a creative and educational gift that both the child and parents may appreciate.

What child is not in awe of the night sky and planets surrounding it? Not only are you spiking in their curiosity, you are helping them see the world around them is bigger than they realize. Do tell the parents to keep some research notes ready, once this table décor is placed the questions are sure to start rolling in.

3.     Go Vintage

There are plenty of vintage toys modern kids would absolutely adore today. Toys such as Lite-Brite tend to spark up and improve the cognitive abilities of a child, along with aiding in fine tuning development in motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This is a definite gift that parents will be thankful for, because it is not some useless toy car, it is a toy or game which will stimulate their child and impact their child effectively in a positive manner. Make sure you visit wholesale toys suppliers to get the best prices available for vintage toys in the market. Save the money and still make a profound impact, one toy at a time.

4.     Custom Puzzle

When you opt to go with something personalized such as a custom puzzle, you are showing how thoughtful you have been in making your gift choice. This will surely make you stand out among all the other gifts coming into that child’s life. You can personalize the puzzle according to the kid’s age, stage, likes and dislikes, then the fun will begin to unfold.

Keep a budget at hand and buy inexpensive gifts with a positive twist for all the kids in town!