Decorating Your Home With A Hobby-Related Theme

Are you someone who indulges in plenty of hobbies to fill your time? If so, here’s how you can make use of those new and old hobbies and interests, in order to decorate your home.

Sports-Related Interests

We have all played a sport or two that we have either eventually lost interest in, or realized is simply not the right sport for us. Whether it’s hiking, cycling, playing tennis or cricket or even trying your hand out at hockey, we are pretty sure you have plenty of memories related to it. If any of these memories happen to be tangible, like a pair of bicycles you know you will not be using anymore or tennis rackets you no longer have a use for, you can easily turn it into wall décor that will give part of your home a little sports related charm.

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Horse Related Interest

Did you happen to own a horse a while ago? Do you still own its things, even though you no longer have the horse with you? If you do then it’s either due to the sentimental attachment you still feel for your long gone horse, or simply because you have no idea how to get rid of it. Regardless of the reason, you could turn these too into wall décor quite easily. Whether its horse rugs Australia that you no longer have a use for, stable name plaques, or even broken horseshoes your horse used to wear, it will all work quite well.

Gardening Related Interest

An interest in gardening is a treasure indeed. Not a lot of people have the gift or the patience for taking care of plants. If you do, then make sure to give yourself a pat on the back, as well as encouragement to nurture this passion. Your potted plants can be a lovely decoration option for your home, especially if you opt for the indoor-outdoor theme. Make sure to only bring in the plants that will thrive even in low light so that you need not keep hauling it back outdoors whenever it’s looking a little peaky. Succulent wall frames are all the rage now, and a personal favorite of ours, as it takes very little effort to maintain, and is fairly easy and inexpensive to put together. Plus, this is one plant even the most inexperienced in gardening will have a hard time killing…!

Crocheting Or Kitting

Do you have a hobby of knitting, crocheting or macramé? Is it a current hobby that you enjoy doing, or something you used to enjoy, perhaps when you had more time. Regardless, if you ever indulged on a hobby as such, you are sure to have plenty of bits and pieces, trials and mistakes, that you can easily convert into table décor; if it has not already taken over your home. If you are just starting off with this hobby and are yet to let it take over your home, remember that the right sized hook and the right sized yarn can help you make an impressive piece in a short time with very little effort.