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Planning a Summer Barbeque in Your Backyard

It’s not just about the grilled meat. When planning a barbeque in your backyard, there are a few items you need to get ready beforehand. Here is a list of things that you can need to check and prepare before the party.

fire pits

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Before setting a date for your party and inviting the guests, the very first thing you need to do is checking the weather. You cannot have the party on a too hot day as you will be sweltering outside or even on a rainy day as your plans will wash away. Literally! So keep in touch with the weather forecast. If you are planning to set up a canopy a mild drizzle is no big deal and you can simply have your party without being bothered by it. However, it is the extreme weather conditions that you need to look out for.


Apart from steak and sausages, you might probably need food that will make you comfortable in summer weather. This includes stuff such as ice cream and watermelon. You will also need to stock up marshmallows, a coffee kit, salt, and pepper, potato, pineapple, onion, and ketchup. Light beer and/or summer ales are one of the best BBQ party drinks. You can add wine too if you want to make the party a bit extra grand. If there are kids in your guest list keep some soft drinks for them. Remember to bring ice to keep the drinks and ice cream at the right temperature.

Outdoor Equipment

A little bit of festive lighting can help to set the mood of the party. A backyard BBQ party does not require a lot of lighting and décor so you can limit the lighting to some fairy lights and tiki lights. However, since the party will drag on to till night you will also need to have one or two flashlights by your side. A table to serve the food, some chairs and maybe a canopy can accommodate your guests. Keep some sunscreen and bug spray ready at hand and garbage bags to be used after the party. To use in an emergency keep a first aid kit ready.


To prepare the food you need to have some grilling tools such as a pair of tongs, a spatula, a fork and aluminum foil which you can use to prepare the food. Outdoor fire pits can certainly make the food preparation easier. Keep ready some charcoal and matches too. It is easy to serve drinks if you can have a beer dispenser.  Some glasses and cups, few plates, wipes and paper towels, napkins and toothpicks have to be there when serving food.


To add up to the festive spirit make your guests participate in some entertainment activities. Water toss, Jenga, cornhole are some of the games you can try. If you can get some portable speakers, music and dancing can be added to the event and this will surely make your guests stand up from their chairs and engage. If you have kids, you can add games such as potato sack game. Card games are also a good game option for an outdoor party.

A BBQ party is one of the most fun even you can plan for your family or friends. Not only will the party be entertaining but the setting will be intimate and you can interact more.