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Few Car Maintenance Routines to Perform If You Are a Daily Commuter

If you work in the urban area, you will need to drive to work at least 5 days a week. In some cases, you will also find yourself driving to town on the weekends. This means that your car will always be active on a daily basis. As such, there is a high need to maintain it. Car parts can get worn out especially if you are not servicing your vehicle regularly. It is high time that you know you need to replace some of the parts in your car in order to improve its performance. After a week-long of driving, you can take time to check the condition of your car. Some of the maintenance routines you can carry out include:

Car parts

Check your engine oil

Engine oil is the fluid that helps to lubricate the moving parts of your car. In the process of lubrication, it will pick up dust particles, carbon monoxide and other impurities from the air and atmosphere around. Dirty oil in your engine is no good as it can result in the knocking of your engine. The impurities in the oil make it gritty and dark and thus the need to change it. Regular checking of the level of the engine oil using the dipstick will help improve the performance of your car.

Check your car tires

Good tires hold the road well and thus prevent skidding of the vehicle. This is especially the case if you are driving while it is raining. Your brake pads will become wet which can minimize their braking capacity. However, if you have great tires you will be able to get through the day driving in the rain. You have to check the condition of your tires every time you choose to go out with your car. Check the depth of the threads and if they are too thin, then you will need replacing them. This will help to improve your safety on the road.

Your brake fluid should be up to standard

The brake pads are one of your car parts that you should have a keen eye for. Whenever you experience that your car is not braking as it should be, then you need to check the pads and also the brake fluid. If the fluid is not up to standard, then you will need to replace it. For the brake pads, it is easy to know if they are worn out and need replacement. However, for the brake fluid, you will need to consult your mechanic.

Your car battery should be fully charged

For the spark plug to ignite the engine fuel, the battery has to produce that spark. If it is not charged, then it means that you cannot move. Whenever you come home after a long day driving, make sure that the batter is fully charged. Also, when you head to your mechanic for the serving of your vehicle, ensure that they have checked the voltage of your car. The standard voltage of a car battery should be 12.5v. Ensure that your car parts are in good condition all the time for the purpose of safety and efficiency of your car.