Top 5 Places Where we need to Use Sound Level Meter


A sound level meter is a machine which can measure the sound or noise level in Decibel. It is available in different types like portable and fixed meters.

The mechanism of this meter is to receive the pressure of sound waves and convert it into Decibel. A normal sound is considered as 60 DB and more than 85 DB sound is harmful to human health.

A high level of sound is not only irritating but it can cause anxiety, hypertension, sleep disturbance & hearing loss also.

Today in this blog we will mention 5 noisy places or venues where you need to use sound level meter to measure the noise level.


The machinery sound is very concerning for the employees in workplace as they mainly work in factory environment. Workplaces also have AC units that produce a back ground noise. The machine operators may need to deal with the machines that expel continuous noise. The high-level continuous noise can lead to hearing loss if it is not measured by sound level meter.

2.Live Concerts and Music Festivals:

Sound levels at crowed gatherings and celebrations should be deliberately measured to keep away from permanent hearing loss of the audience. The concert halls and opera houses need to monitor acoustics inside the hall to guarantee suitable sound levels.

At music festival which are organized at open stage are designed to intensify sound over long ranges.

In this matter a sound level meter can ensure that music isn’t noisy enough to make the audience irritating but sufficient up to the last row audiences.

3. Cinema Hall:

There is still some inconsistency regarding the ideal level of sound in films, cinema hall authorities need to more careful to operate the sound as to save the audience from hearing damage.

The recommend safe sound inside a cinema hall need to be 75-80 decibels. From a recent research of National Institute of Deafness it is proved that a sound more than 85 DB can lead to hearing lose.


When a plane take-off or the time of landing around 140 DB sound are produced. Airport authority should use sound level meter to minimize the noise. Also, the engine manufacturers should take care of the things so that the aircraft produce less sound.


Cities and large suburbs cumulatively produce a huge amount of noise over the safe level. Transportation systems including bus, car, bike and train emits high level of sounds and the emergency vehicle can produce up to 120 DB sound.

Sounds from the bar and clubs also have the contribution to generating noise. So, business owners and Governments must need to be careful with customers and the public health.


In our busy life we often ignore these things due to its minor side effects. But a sudden or dealing with high level sound daily can be harmful to your audibility, even it can lead you to a deaf person.

Only the steps from the authorities can’t control it. Together we can minimize the high-level noise. Don’t use horns that produce more than 64 DB sound. Keep the sound low of speakers during the festivals or parties. Keep in mind that a healthy environment makes a healthier life.