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Preseason Preparations That Can Improve Your Game

It is a common knowledge among athletes that practice makes perfect. No matter what sport you play, you should always spend time in training especially when you have an upcoming season. The best cricket players always have multiple nets before starting their season which makes them prepared in the game. However, there are instances in which it is almost impossible to practice. Of course, you won’t feel that confident when you haven’t trained for a while which then leads to a bad game. If you’re one of these anxious players, here are some tips to calm those nerves.

Image Source: Pixabay

Practice at Least Once

If you haven’t got any practice and your game is finally approaching, it is best to have one run before the first match. This helps you warm up you skills and boost your confidence a bit. Practice catching and bowling the way you usually do on any game. That way, you can renew your skills while slowly getting the natural feel of the game back in your system.

Don’t Exercise

Many athletes who have missed practicing tend to compensate by working out or exercising too much. It is best to reserve your energy for the most important thing; the game. Plus, over exercising sometimes leads to injury which ends you up in seating out a season.

Assess Your Strong Points

Don’t stress yourself over your weakness but rather focus in your strengths when improving your game. It is a lot easier to reminisce successful skills and tactics you’ve already used before. Practice those and improve them if possible.

Get Your Thoughts in Line

One of the best ways to perform better in a game is to free your mind from negative thoughts. Be positive while playing the game. Never think that you’re a bad player and focus on every fault because these small things could greatly ruin your performance. Always remember that everyone makes mistakes and move on. An uncluttered mind can also think faster so you get to assess every situation quickly and react accordingly.

Eat Healthy

When you’re preparing for a season, always stock up on healthy foods to be in your top shape. Physically fit athletes are stronger, faster and have higher endurance. The food you eat serves as your fuel so make sure you fill in with the good stuff.

Use Proper Gears

The basic equipment in cricket is a bat, gloves, clothing and protective gears. Make sure that you use one that suits your attributes. Long-handled cricket bats are great for tall players above 6’3” but if you fall below that line, a short-handled bat works perfect for you. Choose gloves that are not too loose or too tight in your hand. You’ll get bothered of your gloves falling off when you wear loose ones and your hand’s movement will also be restricted with tight ones. Wearing the appropriate cricket clothing will make you feel comfortable while playing. Never forget to wear protective equipment to keep you safe from injuries.

Feel the difference in your performance when you apply these tips to your regimen. Remember that aside from great skills, you also need to have a sound mind and body to become a better athlete.