Reasons to Make Dammam Your Next Vacation Destination

Looking for a trip to the Middle East but want to keep away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd? Do you prefer to bask in the glory of a city with a rich cultural heritage, stunning dessert scenery, serene seaside walkways? Then try the holiday destination of Dammam, and create memories for life.

Here are a few things to know before you do set out on your journey.

What to pack for travelling in Dammam?

Dammam sees harsh and scorching summers so make sure to pack light cotton clothes that cover most parts of your body so as to reduce the risk of getting sunburn. If you plan on travelling during the winter months, a couple jackets would suffice. Other than that, follow the generalized restriction of banned items applicable to all Saudi Arabian cities.

Is it cheap to get there?

Dammam has a working network of railways and roadways if you’re looking for a cheaper option to get there along with several budget friendly flights.You can either opt to take flight, train or car to the city. Dammam also has a functioning port.

Befriend budget airlines

Dammam is a well-connected city that has several flights from Lahore to Dammamas well as Riyad, Doha and more. Several budget friendly airlines provide pocket friendly ticket prices and if you manage to snag tickets during the off season, they may even cheaper than you expected

Lifestyle and culture of Dammam

The people of Dammam are predominantly Muslims and thus their culture is mostly influenced from the religion of Islam intertwined with traditional Arab culture. Their lifestyle, food, architecture are very visible. Dammam offers the best of fine dining and great shopping venues along with amusement parks, entertainment centers and theatre. Cricket and football are also very popular in the city.

Pamper your taste buds

Dammam offers several fine dining restaurants which is a great option if you want a fancy meal, other than that make sure to try the local Lebanese, Mediterranean and middle eastern food while you are there. Be sure to ask for the suggestion of the chef when you are at a restaurant and the special and seasonal delicacies when you visit.

Dammam accommodation

Dammam has an array of five-star resorts to make your stay comfortable and for travelling students there are several budget friendly hotels available as well. Book your stay directly with the hotel or through a travel agent for the (أفضل أسعار الفنادق في الدمام) Best hotel rates in Dammam.

What should I avoid in Dammam?

When in Dammam remember that it is a very strict country which has several rules and taboos relating to liquor, drugs, sex and religious aspect. Follow the set rules and avoid causing unnecessary disruptions and you shall be fine.

Health and safety in Dammam

The health and welfare ministry has established several well-functioning hospitals across the city providing the best treatments. While visiting, drink plenty of fluids and avoid the sun so as to avoid heat strokes and overstaining.

Most popular attractions in Dammam

Visit the several lavish shopping malls and amusement parks while in Dammam. Make sure to indulge in the fine dining experience and maybe even pay a quick visit to Dhahran and Khobar which make up the Triplet cities of Saudi Arabia. The Prince Mohamad Bin Fahd Stadium is a place to visit for all football fans.

Travel from Dammam to Lahore

If you plan on taking a flight from Dammam to Lahore, keep an eye out for discounted flights and the off-tourist season. Go for airlines that are budget friendly and provide direct (رحلات طيران من الدمام الى لاهور) flights from Dammam to Lahore.