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Stylish Ways to Dress up Your Bed

Making the bed is already a regular part of our morning routine. However, many of us are already in a hurry during mornings that we don’t have much time to arrange the bed with style. Although the bedroom is a personal space at home, a well-styled bed still looks more inviting than arranging it the regular way.

You don’t need to be a pro to make your bed look more stylish and appealing. Try out these tips and surely your bed will look like it was styled by a pro.

Use Reversible Duvet Covers

Reversible duvet is one of the popular bedding pieces these days. It is stylish and very versatile when it comes to dressing up your bed. Each side has different designs so you have some options in choosing which style suits your layers best. You could even use both designs by turning down the top part of the duvet to reveal a different print and look like an extra layer.

Add a Bedspread

Adding a bedspread to the bed is one of the best ways to refresh your room décor. It instantly adds a splash of colour into the focal area as well as making your bed look comfier and inviting. Bedspreads are a perfect addition when the season gets cold such as during winter and autumn since it adds some warmth to your bed.

quilt covers australia
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Use Textures and Layers

Combining textures and layering is another perfect way to style your bed. If you’re using multiple layers of sheets, see to it that they also have different textures for an added appeal. It will make your bed look stylish without looking overly done. For instance, you could add a quilted sheet, a duvet cover, or even some knitted sheets for more style. When shopping for quilt covers Australia has some good shops that offer stylish and quality ones.

Add Some Cushions

Aside from the regular pillows you sleep in, you’ll also need some extra smaller cushions as a decorative element for your bed. Throw in some pieces into your bed and see how it adds more style to it. When using cushions, combine varying sizes, shapes, colours, and textures to add some statement. However, don’t overdo it as it could make your bed look messy and cluttered. Odd numbers are still the best and a maximum of three pillows look good in a single bed. You could add more for bigger beds, making sure that they don’t crowd the bed.

Use a Pillow Sham

Aside from the regular pillow case, you could add more style to your pillows by using a pillow sham. These are removable pillow covers that look more stylish and have decorative edges to make your pillows pop when arranged on the bed.

When it comes to dressing up a bed, you could do so many ways to make it look stylish as long as you have the essential pieces to make it work. Be sure you have those bed accessories so you could experiment on using them in a variety of ways.