Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Home décor can be tricky sometimes.  The way you should decorate each room or part of your house differs and you need to take into consideration the purpose of every part before using any type of decoration on them. These tips are for you who are looking for ways to brighten up your home.

Living Room

Try to use the natural light on your living room as much as you can during the daytime. Use curtains that are not too dark in color and keep the windows uncovered. The coziness of your living room can be increased by using large floor lamps or reading lamp. Table lamps and floor lamps can create a calming atmosphere at night with their warm glow. This way you can even exclude the ceiling lights and stick just to a warm glow.


This is the place you will come to rest after a long day. Therefore, this place has to look and feel comfortable and pleasing. Ambient or accent lighting will be the best kind to create this atmosphere. Dimmers too can help you to get into a relaxed mood. If you a fan of reading, never forget to include a reading lamp. Always remember to check the brightness of the bulb and how it will affect your eyes at night before installing them. If it is kids’ bedroom you can be a little innovative and try using glow stars on the ceiling.

Office Room

Poor lighting in the office room is one of the reasons for the loss of productivity and lack of morale. A properly lit room will give a satisfying space for you to work in. Once again choosing for natural light during daytime is the best option. Try to avoid working under the direct glow and instead try to diffuse the brightness in a way it will illuminate the whole space. Lampshades and upward shining lamps are some ideas to scatter the glare. Use a table lamp when you are reading or using your computer.


Similar to your office room, this is another place that has to be well lit as you will be constantly moving around, doing something. Many experts suggest a blend of task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting create an environment that is inviting. Note the places where you will be needing more brightness than others, such as under the overhead cabinets, the island, and the pantry. This way you will know where to add a little bit of an extra glow and where not to.


The outside of your house matters as much as the inside. Illuminate the exterior of your house with decorative items such as LEDs, posts, outdoor sensor lights, flush mounts or string lights. You can be a bit bold with outdoor décor than interior decoration and can use a variety of designs on your porch, driveway, and patio. Careful never to overdo the decoration, however, as this will be the first impression anyone visiting your place will get.

Once you planned what lighting to be used in each place all you have to do is fix them accordingly, with the help of an expert and your home will look as bright as ever.