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Bedroom Essentials for Your New Home

When you move into a place of your own for the first time, one of the few things that needs prioritising in your shopping list, are the bedroom essentials. While there are no right and wrong way to decorate and organise a bedroom, there are some things that are necessary for your comfort. Take a look at the following list to see what they are.

The Right Bedding Set

No bedroom is perfect without a comfortable bed. This means you need to select the right layered bedding set when you shop. In addition to you good comforter, pillowcases, bedcover and a fitted sheet, you can also add a mattress cover for extra protection. If the classic two pillow style looks a bit boring and outdated for you, you can add a couple of other pillows with colourful cases to add more texture.

fitted sheet
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Choose Good Curtains

A well-lit bedroom that allows natural light during the day is good. But don’t forget that a bedroom is one of the most private and intimate areas in your house. You can choose curtains that are not sheer but are of a lighter shade so it allows sunlight, but will still provide you privacy. You can match your curtains with the rest of the items in the room – either with your pillows or even your furniture.

A Mirror

While a mirror will add as a statement piece to your bedroom, it will also be one of the practical additions to the rom. especially a full-length mirror will provide you a great place to get ready and perfect your full outfit before you head out. Mirrors will also help to reflect light across the room making it brighter and look spacey.


Another great addition that has both a practical value and an aesthetic value is a statement rug. A good area rug that matches the rest of your room’s décor will help to muffle the noise of shoes and feet when you walk around the room, protect your flooring from damage, provide you great comfort to stand barefoot and add a personalised touch to the overall décor of the room.

Bedside Cupboard

What is a bedroom without a bedside cupboard? A bedside cupboard gives you enough space to place your essential sleeping needs within your arms reach when you go to sleep. This is the perfect place to setup a bedside lamp too. In addition, you will also have space to keep any lotions or balms you use before bed, scented candles for calming effect and even a picture or two of yourloved ones.

These are some of the most essential items that you will need to look for when you start shopping. However, you can also add some personalised items such as decorations and other accessories to make your space look more cosy and homely.

For example, a flower vase; a good wall art piece, a statement headboard, storage dresser is some of the items you can add. Just remember when you chose each piece, they need to match the rest of the items you have. Matching and complementary colours will help to put the final picture together in a sleek manner.