Things to Do For Your BFF Who Just Had a Baby

There are many things you can do as the BFF of the new mom. Here are some great ideas that you can try out.

Image Source:pexels

She Needs All Kinds of Food

With all the morning, afternoon and nightly feeding and diaper changing sessions, your friend can use up a lot of good food. Plus all the exhaustion she has to go through to bathe the baby and stay up with the agitated angel, your friend would be quite exhausted and sleepy. The best way to get her in a better mood is to get her some great food and feed her cravings. As the best friend, you would know better than anyone what her favorite foods are. This does not all have to be healthy and fresh. If you know she likes lasagne or even chocolates you should just show up at her doorstep with those just to put her smile on her face.

Plus every mom who is breastfeeding will crave a home-cooked meal. And while everyone treats her with a range of different casseroles that might probably end up in the refrigerator, you can show up with some groceries and make her some good steaming food at her place. Plus, you can take care of the little one while she enjoys a peaceful meal for once.

Be the Good Godmother You Are

Help your bestie with everything that needs to be done outside. This includes getting her diapers, formula for the baby and even groceries and baby food as well. Most new moms would not be able to step outside the house until the little one gets used to a proper sleeping schedule or until they get used to being left with a nanny or a caretaker. Take matters into your own hands and do the shopping for the friend. You can even pick up some baby clothing for the little one. You will know what clothes mommy loves to see her little one in.

Get Her the Fancy Gifts Too

True that your friend is knee deep in baby barf, millions of diapers and the excessive crying. But if you can show up with something nice for your friend like a coupon for a spa, a great lipstick or even a box of chocolates, it would really put her in a better mood. Some moms tend to suffer from post-natal depression from all the getting used to the crying and exhaustion. You can help her out with that and put her in a better mood.

TakeSome Work off Her Shoulders

As a new mom, your friend will have a million things to do, especially if she is handling things on her own. Even if she does have some help on the side, you can gather up a few girlfriends and show up at her house and clean up the place, babysit the little one for a while, and cook her some food. You can take care of the baby while she is enjoying some time in the bathtub and be having some food afterward.