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Mens Underwear: Which Style Suits You Best?

With so many styles of men’s underwear, choosing one that suits your body the most can be quite challenging. Aside from the basic briefs, there are still other types such as boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, and many more. This article will help you sort out the 3 popular styles of men’s underwear and how they differ on features such as comfort and support. Read along to learn more.

Briefs, Boxer, and Boxer Briefs

These 3 styles are the most popular choice among men but they all differ from each other aside from their style. Briefs are snugly fit and short in length – somewhere in the crotch area. Boxers or mens boxershorts are longer in length and looks more like short trousers. They have a loose fit compared to briefs and boxer briefs. On the other hand, boxer briefs are just the combination of brief and boxer shorts. They look like boxer shorts but have a snug fit just like a brief.

mens boxershorts
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When it comes to choosing the right underwear, comfort means how relaxed you could move around with the kind of support your underwear gives you. Overall, briefs provide the most support because of its snug fit and design. It can be used from regular daily wear or even when playing sports. Next in line is boxer brief because of its fit similar to the classic brief.

It is perfect to be worn even on active days. Lastly, boxer shorts are the least when it comes to support. Basically, it doesn’t provide any support at all because of its loose fit that leaves your manhood just hanging freely. However, if you’re just going to bed or lounging at home, boxer shorts are the most comfortable to wear.


Aside from support, the next thing you can expect from underwear is to shield or cover your manhood from open view. In this case, boxer briefs provide the best functionality. With its snug fit especially on the leg part, everything is just kept in place and covered well. Briefs are the second in this feature.

Although they have a snug fit, it doesn’t shield the inner part of your thighs which could be an issue depending on what you’re wearing. Lastly, boxer shorts aren’t that good in shielding your manhood especially on your active days like working out in the gym. They are loose in the leg parts, which could expose the gems depending on your movements.


Most men prefer boxer briefs the most when it comes to looks. It is like having the best of both worlds – snugly fitting and more space covered for support and protection. Aside from that, it also looks great on almost any body shape and type unlike classic briefs or boxer shorts which only look good on slim or straight-figured men.

With this simple guide, you’ll have an idea on which style will suit you the best based on your preference and needs when it comes to support, comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal as well.