Essential Clothing For Mommies To Be

Finding maternity clothes that fit, are stylish and comfortable is one of the difficulties that some mommies-to-be experience. It is a daily hurdle especially for those who are working and need to look their best on a day to day basis. Pregnant women also live through pregnancies which differ from others, at times even their own. What worked during their first pregnancy might not work on the second. Some pregnant ladies did not even need to shop for maternity clothes or just bought several during the last month of their pregnancies. But, if you find yourself needing to purchase these clothes early on, check out the list below of essential clothing that would make dressing up in the morning easier for you.

Comfy And Stretchy Leggings

If you are fond of wearing jeans, it might be time to say goodbye to it, albeit temporarily. Wearing fitted and snug jeans might be uncomfortable and if you do not prefer to wear maternity dresses, opt for stretchy leggings and billowy blouses instead. With the stretchy materials that the leggings are usually made out of, you could still wear them even as your baby bump grows.

Image Source: Pixabay

Maternity Dresses

Not all women want to wear maternity dresses because they feel bigger. But, there are maternity dresses that would still make you feel comfortable and sexy. Other pregnant ladies are still wearing the kind of clothes they wear when they were not yet pregnant, only sizing up. At least, their maternity wear is still true to their style, yet very comfortable.

Belly Bands

Speaking of pre-pregnancy clothes, you could still wear those! Just purchase belly bands and you could still wear your favorite tee and short tops with the bands covering your tummy. The bands could also cover your waist and you could still wear your favorite pants and leave them unbuttoned if it’s not fitting your belly anymore.

Dungarees / JumperDresses

If you could not part with anything denim, opt for dungarees or jumper dresses. They are very casual and perfect for afternoon strolls or when you need to go do an errand. They are also adjustable so you could still use them as the baby grows in your belly.

Maternity Underwear

Some pregnant ladies might suggest that you skip these, but the truth is maternity underwear is made for pregnant ladies to be more comfortable. We know that there would be times during pregnancies that mommies to be would feel discomfort. If a piece of clothing would help you feel cozy, why skip it? Besides, maternity underwear is designed to stretch and move as your body changes.

Being a first-time mom, shopping for maternity clothes is part of the experience.  Be on the lookout for maternity clothes that you could wear from the beginning of your pregnancy until the end, or even after the baby is born. At least, you managed to turn your purchases on clothes a wise investment. Also consider buying clothes that are on sale since you would be spending a lot more money when the baby comes.